So with the Fifty Shades series (which I will tell I am not a fan of any of them), nor am I a fan of the book series that have sold over 125 million copies.  All of them are written by E.L. James, all based on Twilight Fan Fiction.  Yes, I hate Twilight as well; they are almost as bad as these. 

     So here we are the final in the trilogy with Anastasia (Dakota Johnson) and Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan).  She is marrying the businessman who has turned her into an S&M aficionado like himself.  During the world travel she is quickly reminded of all the good and bad that come with being Mrs. Grey.  The good arriving at an airport and learning they own a private jet.  The Bad she cannot take her top off at a topless beach.  Mr. Grey says that it is because he does not want his body guards to see her topless, but the truth Ana learns is he is more than a little Jealous.

     Now the really bad we have the paparazzi might get her photo which would be bad for his business, which I still have no clue what he does.  We have never seen him work at all.  We learn why they have bodyguards shortly after their fight on the beach. 

     We see a very suspicious character get past a billionaires security.  I mean really if Mr. Grey had any kind of security this movie would have ended before it really began, and that would have saved me and all the other non fifty fans over an hour of our time.  What does this character do, but steal personal information off Grey’s computers before he destroys the computers. 

     We soon discover Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson), who was Ana’s Boss that had assaulted her in previous movies.  The chemistry between Johnson and Dornan is still terrible.  I can’t tell you how bad the scenes are they are very, very bad.  We jump from the mystery (which I did not care about, and made very little sense when I found out) to the terrible sex scenes.  Yes, this franchise has made $950 million dollars worldwide. 

   I grade this flick an F+ maybe it was a little better than the last two but not much better.

Brad Watts

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