HOSTILES – review


      Director Scott Cooper brings us a story of a Union Army Captain who has to escort a Native American to his home land.  This Chief Yellow Hawk (Wes Studi) killed some of Captain Joseph Blocker (Christian Bale) friends and fellow soldiers while the Union was killing the Natives for their land.

     While the trailer and the ads for HOSTILES states it is the best Western since Unforgiven.  I don’t think this is true, not the best part of the statement, but the Western, I think this is more of a historical western time frame movie.  Think the Revenant, but with more Native’s and more death. 

     Blocker who reads “Julius Caesar” when he is alone, a veteran from the Indian Wars, where he killed a lot of Natives, the problem for Blocker is, time has changed.  The killing of Natives has come to an end, no more conflicts, now the government wants to “apologize” to the Natives, give them land in the West, and escort Yellow Hawk to his tribe’s burial grounds.

    When they set off on this journey they run into Rosalie Quaid (Rosamund Pike), who has lost a her whole family to a tribe of Comanche on the war path, stealing and killing Natives as well as the white men.  This is probably the best performance Rosamund Puke has ever given.  The scene where she is grieving from what she has lost is amazingly well acted, and shot. 

     I think Bale plays up to his normal intensity, but this time a little more powerful.  I enjoyed a scene where he has to choose to escort Yellow Hawk and his family, the conflict in his actions and mannerisms are amazing.  The only problem I had with the flick is the addition of Ben Foster as another addition to the escort party.  I also think Cooper could have picked up the pace of the film a little bit. 

All in all I loved this flick, I grade it an A.  I think all of the acting was great and the story was well done. 


Brad Watts

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