The creators of Den of Thieves had a specific audience in mind with this crime movie. I am going o start off by saying I am not the intended audience. I will try to be as fair as possible though.
More bank robberies occur in Los Angles than in any other city in America. When one of the most successful heist crews reunite in LA, the members unite to take on one of the most difficult buildings in the city. Many have tried, but none have been successful in infiltrating the Federal Reserve Bank of Los Angles.

Merrimen (Pablo Schreiber), a recently paroled criminal mastermind, devises a plan to break into the Federal Reserve Bank. Flanked by his crew of former Marines including his right-hand man (Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent) and outside-hired driver (O’Shea Jackson Jr.), they set out to do the impossible, but they run into a problem. His name is Nick (Gerard Butler), the head of the LA County Sheriff’s Department’s Major Crimes. Both teams have to work to outsmart each other, both breaking the norms along the way. In the end, only one team can walk away with what they want.

I am having mixed feelings about this film. I would like to put it out there now that this movie is rated R. This film is riddled with gun violence, language, and scantily clothed women. But that is not the worst part. There are storylines that seem to be just picked up and dropped, including scenes that should have been cut from the over two-hour-long movie. Worst of all, some of the characters’ best strengths were overlooked. When your driver holds the record for the fastest speeding ticket in the state, why in the world are they a passenger in the car?

In a film like this male bravado is a key component, but there were just a few too many scenes that were about intimidation and confrontation. I am a fan of heist movies. I love watching the character plot and plan and think through all the ways to not get caught. From, that perspective, this movie was disappointing. Yes, a well-planned heist does occur, but everything that leads up to it seems to be more for show than actual preparation for robbing a bank.

Honestly, the worst part about this movie is that it had the potential to be great, but just fell short. If you want to see a crime movie with lots of shooting then go get yourself a big bucket of popcorn and see this film. If you are more like me and could do with less violence and a little more thrill in your action movies, skip this one and go see something else.

-Mary Elizabeth

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