The trailer for Phantom Thread does not do the new Paul Thomas Anderson film justice. I went into this film thinking I was going to watch a haunting movie about a controlling, perfectionist man who has his muse under his control. While the film certainly has an element of suspense, it was different than what I was imagining.
Reynolds Woodcock (Daniel Day-Lewis) is a man who knows what he likes. But would you expect different from a highly sought after dress designer, who dresses socialites and royalty? He has a routine and likes thing just so. Young girls dream of wearing a dress from the London based House of Woodcock. One young lady even stated she wanted to be buried in a Woodcock design.

There are only two things more important to Reynolds than his work. His mother and his sister Cyril(Lesley Manville).The first dress Reynolds ever designed was his mother’s second wedding dress which he completed with the help of his sister. While his mother has passed by the time of this film, she inspired the House of Woodcock.

When he meets Alma (Vicky Krieps), Reynolds’ perfect world is shaken. His ideal model who becomes his muse. Will Alma be the one to break open the designers stone cold heart or break the designer?

I will not call this a horror film, but it was creepy. This is a movie for the art of film. I found the movie amazing! The story, while haunting, was well thought out. The costumes are beautiful, and lived up to the hype of a “fashion film”! There was much more humor than I expected. And the acting was phenomenal. An all-around fantastic film.

As I said in the beginning, I was expecting a much different film about a controlling designer in the 50s. The women of different ages, shapes, and sizes Reynolds dressed throughout the film was a pleasant surprise. I also loved not only the characteristics the women brought out in Reynolds but their impact on each other.

I do not think this film is for everyone. It is a different kind of film, but I highly recommend it!

-Mary Elizabeth

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