1. Pitch Perfect 3

With the first installment of Pitch Perfect we had a little bit of the shock value, Wow, this was surprisingly good. The second was still good, but not as good as the first, and I hate to tell all you Pitches fans, but the 3rd is not as good as the other two. I am actually glad this is the third and final movie of the Pitch Perfect crew!
The cast still has the talent to make the musical scenes work, but the whole concept is getting old. I thought a lot of the so called funny lines were forced. They spent too much time on the settings of the film, and not the pursuit of the main story which is the bond between female friends over the musical talent they all have.

I don’t want to say this installment is a total waste of time, I think Director Trish Sie brings out the best in Anna Kendrick who still has an amazing voice, and I am glad Rebel Wilson is no longer the made fun of throughout the movie. While I mention Wilson; I think this is really a film centered around her physical comedy prowess, I don’t think I have scene a better female comedian do physical comedy since Lucille Ball, yes I put Rebel Wilson in the same category as Lucille Ball. The fight scene in where she is using food as nun-chucks is hilarious!

On to the plot and story, while the Bellas have all left and graduated from school we see first hand there is no more a-Capella competitions in the works for them as their was in the first two films. The find themselves struggling through life and just want to get together and sing one more time. They end up becoming part of a USO tour to entertain the troops.

Of Course, we aren’t going to have a pitch perfect movie without a competition, the tour becomes the competition that is run by DJ Khaled. The Bellas are the underdogs given the fact all their competition play instruments and sing. The main group they are going agains would be the group with actress Ruby Rose as the frontman (Women). I personally think Rose was great and deserved more time on screen.

The Best part from the first two movies are back with the commentators Gail and John (Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins) who always remind me of the two old guys from the muppets. They also have the riff-off with is very delightful as well.
The main problem I had is introducing more people into the story with John Lithgow playing a part, and other non essential plot lines we don’t need to fill. While everyone who has been to college and knows the struggle coming out of college and becoming an adult all the Bellas go through this, but like us they have their friends and even family to fall back on.
I grade Pitch Perfect 3 a B – while not as good as the previous two still very entertaining.

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