First let me tell you I am a huge Star Wars Fan, just like most people my age (42) I grew up with the Galaxy Far Far Away.  When Episode 1,2,3 came out I was excited with the anticipation on what Lucas was going to bring to the screen.  Of course, like most Star Wars fans I was disappointed, but when Disney brought our Force Awakens two years ago I was right back into the universe that Lucas built.  Rouge One came out last year, and it topped Force Awakens.  This year I was beyond excited about The Last Jedi, would it answer our questions we had from Force Awakens, would it live up to Force Awakens, would there be any surprises? Read what I thought of the Last Jedi in a spoiler free review below. 

  Star Wars The Last Jedi  brings us back into the Skywalker story fighting now the First Order, which took over after the Rebels defeated the Empire in Return of The Jedi.  I don’t think there is a whole lot of surprises, but with The Last Jedi I don’t think we need the surprises, the twists director Rian Johnson brings us is better than any surprise they could have brought us.  If you pay attention you will see all the twists coming, but I can almost guarantee Star Wars Fans, and non Fans will applaud when the movie ends.    Yes, when I say there are Twists there are big ones, but nothing that will really shock you like Force Awakens and what happened to Han. 

     The one main thing most critics hated about Force Awakens is that it was too much like A New Hope, I didn’t agree with that, but The Last Jedi is not like any of the previous movies.  This one is a lot of fun, and I think has more Humor in it than all of the ones before, none of the humor is stupid, just lightens up some of the more tense scenes. 

   Just like Force Awakens this story really revolves around Rey (Daisy Ridley), and her fight against the First Order and Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) who is the son of General Leia (Caarrie Fisher).  When we last say Rey s he was finding Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) on a small deserted Island.  There is a lot going on with Luke.  Rey wants him to train her, will he, or will he not, that is a question you are asking yourself, all I say is watch this great flick to find out. 

  While Rey is with Luke Kylo Ren is healing his wound that Rey gave him with a light-saber during Force Awakens.  Ren is serving the Supreme Leader Snoke (Andy Serkis), who unlike Force Awakens we see his whole body form not just a hologram.  Kylo is conflicted though-out the movie, does he feel guilty for taking his own fathers life, or is it more than that.  He has a force bond with Rey, where they speak with each other through-out the movie.  That is my main problem with the movie, there is way too much of this, maybe just limit it to one or two force bond conversations. 

     Finn (John Boyega) who was badly injured in Force Awakens recovers in a ship that is being attacked but the First Order.  Poe (Oscar Iaasc) is going all out, and being an action first, thinking second leader of an x-wing fighter group.  This doesn’t always work out for the best.  There is a lot going on throughout the movie, we start getting into one of their stories, and we switch to another. This is not a bad thing; Rian does it well through the editing.

   We get to visit a lot of new planets, or systems, even one that is a Casino Planet.  I don’t think the Casino plant does much for the story, but the man they meet a code breaker (Benicio Del Toro), who I must say is great at his part.  The other new comer to the story are Vice Admiral Holdo (Laura Dern), Rose (Kelly Marie Tran), both play integral parts in the Last Jedi.

     Yes, Last Jedi is still about Good vs. Evil; and Johnson keeps the spirits of the Star Wars francise, and this is good for all of us fans.  I am grateful that he did not retell a story from a previous flick; instead he went in plenty of different directions.  I love this flick and grade The Last Jedi an A, I think it might be one of the greatest, but I still think Empire is better, that maybe because I grew up with that movie, and it will most likely be man favorite of the franchise.  The only problem is a lot of the scenes with the force bond, and also I could see all of the twists coming before they came. 

This is a must see!!!

Brad Watts

One Response to “STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI -review”

  1. Scott Nichols says:

    I had issues with the Benecio Del Toro character. It really added nothing to the movie. I understand the point he was trying to make, but getting arrested and thrown in jail for illegal parking?
    Plus why does Star Wars insist on giving us awesome villains only to kill them off before we know anything about them? Did I like the movie yes, yes I did. Do I also wish that Kylo and Rey were related in some way rather than her just being the offspring of crackheads who sold her for cash, yes.

    We will see what eventually comes to this franchise. It will not take much to do a better movie than Return of the Jedi (Ewoks) but I am still looking forward to it.

    Was it a good movie, yes. ShoulPoe have been thrown in the brig for disobeying a direct order twice and then starting a mutiny, yes. However they did have a jet black B.B. unit (BB 9 I think) and that was super cool.

    Now if they only would make a jet black mandalorian like Boba Fett, and make it Rey’s real Mom who had an affair with Han so Kylo and Rey are half brother and sister which is where the force bond comes from. That would be cool.

    But this is Disney and they don’t make controversial movies. They make safe ones that rake in cash because they know you and I will go see whatever they release as long as it has “Star Wars slapped on it.

    Just a thought.

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