Murder on the Orient Express-review

Murder on the Orient Express
     Before going further I think a point of context is in order: My perspective is from someone who has not read the original novel, or seen the 1974 movie.
Murder on the Orient Express was a novel first published in 1934, written by Agatha Christie. The novel would later be adapted to a movie in 1974, and the movie we are talking about today in 2017. This movie went all out to get a star studded cast with actors like Johnny Depp, Judi Dench, Penelope Cruz, and many more. With a stars abound there is only one question left to ask. Was the Murder on the Orient Express a successful film thus proving innocent, or was it murder to watch?
The Film:
This film was a joy to watch in my eyes. Having no context to the previous affiliated works, it was fun to go along with the mystery and use dialogue, subtle imagery, and detective prowess to find out who was the killer. I am not going to do my normal format as I don’t think that there was anything worth noting that is considered wrong with the film.
The cinematography: The camera shots, and cinematography in general is done beautifully. Long scenes holding on a shot to show off some of the character as the detective passes by the different carts. The limited space, normally a hinderance for good camerawork, actually enhances the shot showing the unique situation that the characters are in. The time and effort really is shown in each shot and enhances the film to another level.

The cast: Between the quick awit/banter, the raw emotions, and the drama; it is safe to say that the cast was amazing in the film. Not trying to downplay their work, but it was almost to be expected with the amount of A-list celebrities. Most of these actors are known for being able to pull out amazing performances, so it would reflect on them poorly if the acting in the film was subpar. It was nice to see that the serious nature was not all consuming and moments of banter and quick witted retorts were sprinkled into the dialogue.   

With all of that being said the movie gets a 9/10 and a personal seal of approval, The thing that caught me off guard was the amazing camera work and the simple story. Many films in today’s time think that they require subplots and complicated side stories, but the one thing that was true about this film was its single direction carried through the film and kept it entertaining.

This has been Alex Hummel for WattsUp Reviews, and I will see you all aboard for the next movie review.

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