A Bad Mom’s Christmas – review

I A Bad Mom’s Christmas 

While I usually try to avoid watching Christmas movies before Halloween, A Bad Mom’s Christmas was worth the exception. I did not see the original Bad Moms movie, so I can only give the perspective of a newbie to the Bad Moms series.
With Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis, and Kathryn Hahn as the “Bad Moms” you know just from this line up that this movie will be good. Add in their moms Cheryl Hines, Christine Baranski, and Susan Sarandon and the movie will have you rolling on the floor laughing. Even the side characters nailed it. There is one cast member will make you very upset that he got married in real life over the weekend after watching his performance in A Bad Moms Christmas.

I did not have any troubles adjusting to the film without seeing the first movie. I quickly picked up on the fact that the moms were overworked and under-appreciated. I was wondering for a little while if the mother-daughter relationships had a foundation set in the first movie. Luckily, I brought a friend who had seen the first movie and they confirmed that the first film did not have the grandmas in the storyline. She said it had the same humor and vibe as the first movie without being an exact replication. So if you enjoyed the first movie, this one is a must see.

This movie was hilarious. It was filled with so many one-liners. My favorite part of this film is that they do not underestimate the stress of Christmas. They nailed the relatable parts of the holidays (family drama, honoring traditions, and even mall chaos), without hitting too close to home. And since there are 3 different families, your family is sure to fall somewhere on the spectrum of Christmas drama. While this movie borders on the line of slapstick, I would not label it as a slapstick comedy.

I am glad that I did not go see this with my mom as she does not enjoy crude humor or foul language, but my friend who saw it with me has already made plans to go see it again with her mom. With a good storyline and well-timed humor, I give this movie an A for being an entertaining comedy. It is appropriately rated R. I say moms should go see this as a moms night out. But even if you are not a mom, you will find this movie hilarious! If you do not mind some inappropriate humor and have family drama during Christmas time, you will enjoy A Bad Moms Christmas.

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