American Made you could say was made for Tom Cruise.  Cruise is teaming back up with director Doug Limon who also made Edge of Tomorrow with Cruise.  Cruise does so well at being likable in the flick it would be very hard for you to dislike him in this movie.  

Barry Seal (Tom Cruise) is a TWA pilot from the late 1970’s who is now very bored with his job.  He even starts to smuggle Cuban Cigars in to the United States to one make extra money, but also to have a little more excitement in his life.  Seal’s smuggling catches the eye of a CIA agent Schafer (Domhnall Gleeson), who doesn’t punish Seal, but recruits him to fly a twin-engine over Latin America to get pictures of communist resistance camps. 

Lucy Seal (Sarah Wright) Barry’s wife doesn’t know about his new job, she thinks he is still working for TWA. Seal is doing amazing at his new job, so much so he starts dropping off cash for Manuel Noriega(Alberto Ospino) for files of information.  This success all leads to Seal drawing the attention of the new Drug Kingpin Pablo Escobar (Muricio Mejia), who wants him to deliver cocaine into the United States. 

We find out that if the money is right he will do most anything.  His business continues to grow with more and more planes, and also more pilots.  He works with all the who’s who of the 1980’s (Bad Guys) even delivers guns to the Contras.  With the CIA turning a blind eye on all the smuggling, Seal has Cash coming out of everywhere even buried in his backyard. 

I was nervous after how bad The Mummy was, but Cruise is great in this flick, his smile helps us really like Seal, who if you think about it is a big time criminal how many people died because of the cocaine he smuggled in to the USA.  All in all I know this is based loosely on the true story, but AMERICAN MADE is really fun.  I grade it a B+ go see it this weekend you will enjoy it I promise. 


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