Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle – review

Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle
By Alex Hummel
One of the big hits in the last couple of years, Kingsman, was a fun, action packed, thriller of a movie that was a hard R rating. When it was announced that there was going to be a sequel to the graphic novel based movie, I was both worried and excited. Worried because the original had a base to go off of in the graphic novel; excited, because I wanted more of this world, and we got it. But, the question still remains, does the sequel live up to the original. To find out let’s look at the good and bad to make our decision.

The Good:
Keeping true to the original: Much of what was fun and awesome from the original returns in this movie: Great action scene choreography, amazing scenery, great chemistry with the actors, and lots of violence. In this department they turned it up to 11 when I thought that the first Kingsmen was already at an 11. One thing that sequels tip toe on a line with is keeping true to the source material, this case being the first movie and not the graphic novel, and it is easy to say that the image of the kingsmen remains true.
New Characters: Actors like Jeff Bridges and Halle Berry came on to play new characters in the cast of the statesmen along with other A level celebrity talent like Channing Tatum. Overall, there performances varied from decent to excellent. They provide new direction and challenges for the Kingsman.
The Bad:
The tropes: One thing that was nice about the first movie was the blatant mockery of the spy movie tropes. That is one of the major issues in this film, the tropes. Many of the tropes that are commonplace in spy films are used to be motivation and direction for the character. I wouldn’t mind them as much if they weren’t so oversaturated in spy films and non innovative. It really hurts the film.
The runtime: Ultraviolent films tend to run the same pace of comedies: short, sweet, and full of bloods and guts. Kingsman 2: the Golden Circle, runs two and half hours long. While the development for the Statesmen and other new characters is important (I’m going to say that they could have spent 30 minutes to develope the new characters), that is still too long for a movie of this style. The movie did try its best to keep me invested throughout the entire run time, but there were periods where I felt that the movie was slow, and borderline boring.
In Conclusion:
Overall I think that the film was solid, but could not live up to its predecessor. The films flaws hurt an otherwise great addition to the story. It is tough to live up to the expectations of the original which was such a success in the eyes of both the press and the populus, And for some parts they were able to bring back some of the feeling and moments that we got from the first film, but overall I think its safe to say that the original Kingsman won out in this bout.

With that being said I give this film an 8/10 and recommend that people go see it. I know that I said that it wasn’t as good as the original, but it is still a great film with good moments that carry the film, for the most part.

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