LOGAN LUCKY – review

Logan Lucky aka Ocean’s 7/11

It’s the latter half of the summer blockbuster, and one of the last movies to come out is Logan Lucky. Directed by Steven Soderbergh, who also directed Ocean’s Eleven, the film is about two brothers, a convict, and slew of others trying to steal money from a nascar race track. The movies brothers, Jimmy and Clyde Logan, are played by Channing Tatum and Adam Driver with the Daniel Craig playing a convicted felon by the name of Joe Bang. The film is set in Concord, North Carolina in a rural town and the Coca Cola 600 speedway. With the setting and characters introduced will Steven Soderbergh’s newest film be able to be as entertaining as the Ocean’s franchise or will it be a possum in the road, dead on arrival

The Good
The Story: Steven Soderbergh does a perfect job of taking the style of the Ocean’s series and throwing in a southern twang to it is done so well in this film, The film doesn’t feel the need to go overboard with how southern the characters are, and at the same time. makes an effort to distinguish that the characters are not just tropes to be thrown onto the film. The major characters are given adequate amount of time to develop and show why we should care about them as they go through the story. I genuinely felt invested in the characters actions as the movie reached its climax and was interested in seeing how the rest of the story played out.

Acting: Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, and Daniel Craig do a great job of carrying this movie. Daniel Craig does a hilarious job as Joe Bang with an actual decent accent that surprised me the first time I heard it. Many of the characters are interesting to watch. Not just because of how they act, but because why they do the things they do. The motivations of the brothers is unique, but well done and allows the characters to have a more liquid approach to many situations. Overall the acting in the film, not just exclusive to these three, was above par and really helped push the film along.
The Bad:
Side Plots: One of the major issues with the film comes from particular side stories that become irrelevant and downright unnecessary as the movie goes onwards. It felt like director wanted to have certain characters who were fine as one-offs for a quick laugh, become more than what they were to the story.This caused pacing in the middle to be thrown a little off. I am not saying that the side stories were removeable, but should not have gotten as much attention as the movie gave them.
Camerawork: This one is more brief than the other. In some of the shots, the camera goes out of focus or off center from the scene. It was hard to tell if that was intentional or a misstep on the cameraman and director’s part. I noticed it several times in the film and kept getting distracted from the rest of the film because of it.
While there were other small things that could have been mentioned I will cut the bad section short for two reasons. 1.) Most of the other problems in the film were so small that they were not worth mentioning/ 2.) Some of the minor issues either tie into or relate to the story in some way or fashion.

In Conclusion:
Logan Lucky is a great film that has a good sense of story and acting from a stellar cast of characters. Overall the film was fun and a joy to watch. My gripes about the sidestories and minor issues are a little more prevalent here as they were distracting from the film. That is not to say that the film is bad because of them, but the negatives have a larger impact of my score because of the influence they had on the film. WIth that being said this film gets a 8.5/10 and my personal recommendation to go see. The humor in this film will have a little something for everyone, but will resonate more with adults.

This has been Alex from wattsupreviews.com, and remember, don’t stop watching movies.

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