Annabelle: Creation – review


   While I enjoy Horror flicks as much as I do any other genre of movies.  I went into Annabelle: Creation probably more scared that it was going to be like Annabelle the 2014 flick that followed The Conjuring.  Annabelle was so bad I really didn’t understand why another was being made, that was until I saw Annabelle: Creation. 

      Director David Sandberg who brought us Lights Out has brought us a great prequel to The Conjuring.  He is able to bring in his style of making us scared and well as building up tension throughout the flick.  We keep waiting for something horrible to happen, and it does.

     We begin with Sam (Anthony Lapagilla) creating the doll that becomes Annabelle.  He is putting the doll in her box when his daughter, Bee (Samara Lee) leaves him a note for the hide and seeks game we have seen before.  Sam and his wife Esther (Miranda Otto) end up finding Bee and they start tickling her on the ground.  I know what you are thinking happy fun family what goes wrong?  Well Bee ends up dying (I am not going to ruin it and tell you how), but it is very tragic I think everyone in the theater gasped.  This is the start of where things go dark.

     We then jump 12 years into the future where a Bus full of orphans are pulling down the driveway for the giant house that in literally in the middle of nowhere.  Sister Charlotte (Stephanie Sigman) is guiding the girls the main two we focus on are Janice (Tabitha Bateman) who walks with a crutch because of a recent battle with polio, and Linda (Lulu Wilson) they are picked on and shut out of the room from the older girls. 

     Everything seems fine, but a little creepy because something has happened to Esther, and Janice starts to hear noises from Bee’s old room.  She breaks Sam’s rule of not going into the room, and this is when we start having fun with some very smart horror.  She plays with a doll house and finds a key that opens a hidden door.  What is behind this door well Annabelle of course?

     Sandberg brings us a perfect scene where Annabelle is sitting in a dark room surrounded by shadows, making you jump without any movement from the doll or the rocking chair she is in. Sandberg who is a master of working with Light and Dark media really does a great job throughout this horror flick. 

  I would call this a classic horror flick that mirrors The Conjuring.  The scares will make you jump, secrets are told, and more importantly people will die.  The surprising thing to me is the two main characters are children a great call out to The Exorcist.  Wilson and Bateman are great throughout the flick you truly feel their horror.  The story is legit, and Sandberg directs this horror flick masterfully. 

I grade Annabelle: Creation a B+ I would put it on the level of The Conjuring 2, not The Conjuring, but still a solid Horror flick.  We can now all forget the Annabelle movie and just turn this one on.

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