GIRLS TRIP – review


There are some things I really enjoy in a movie. A good story, humor, and believable characters are probably my top 3. Girls Trip had all three. 
Five years went by way too fast for the Flossy Posse. The four college best friends went on different paths over the years. Lisa (Jada Pinkett Smith)is a single mom with two darling children, Sasha (Queen Latifah) made a career in journalism, Dina (Tiffany Haddish) never let go of her adventurous spirit, and Ryan (Regina Hall), well Ryan has it all. After five years of not seeing each other, they decide to attend the Essence festival in New Orleans to rekindle their sisterhood and rediscover their wild sides. 
Typically I do not like slapstick comedy where things are said and done just for the laughs, but in this film, the “silly” things actually had their place in the story. The just for laughs moments were the icing on the cake, not over the top. I constantly found myself laughing and then thought, there is no way they are actually going to take this to the next level and, yep, there they go. In the screening I attended, the audience was constantly laughing, and everyone seemed to really enjoy the film. While the humor was great, my favorite thing was the characters. Each character had a story arch and each character was essential. Sure there were some minor characters who were there for the laughs or wow factor, but even they had their own part in the story. 
This movie is not for everybody. These are the two groups I would exclude, those under 18 and can not get into the R rated film and those who prefer a more conservative film. Nudity and very loose language make the R rating an appropriate rating for this film. Usually, I am more of a conservative comedy person, but I thought this movie was well constructed to allow the “inappropriate” parts to be actually fun and not just a moment of shock comedy. 
I could keep talking up this movie, but I think the film can sell itself. This movie has well thought out characters, is so funny, and best of all an actual story line. I enjoyed this film so much I may go see it again with my friends for a girls night out (and then maybe plan a trip to New Orleans). GO SEE GIRLS TRIP! 
Mary Herries

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