DESPICABLE ME 3 – review


     I love the Minions, and with their 2015 film making over one billion dollars worldwide, of course, we open this flick with one of them farting.  While I and a lot of the audience laughed, I am not so sure I can tell you this flick measures up to any of the past flicks.

     Gru (Steve Carell) is the ex-evil mastermind who has now become a husband and adoptive father, so you could actually call him a good guy.  His wife Lucy (Kristen Wiig) is both for the time being members of the Anti-Villain League.  Gru ends up getting them both fired when he can’t catch Balthazar Bratt (South Park Creator Trey Parker) who has stolen the world’s largest Diamond.  With Bratt being an ex child star from the 80’s who lost his fame, and became a villain. 

     I loved Bratt the whole 80’s connection you parents like me will love.  I wish we would have kept on this story line, but instead we meet Gru’s Twin Brother Dru (Carell), none of us knew about including Gru.  So the story goes Gru and Dru’s parents split up after the twins were born with Mom taking Gru and Dad taking Dru. 

     I think Directors Ken Daurio and Cinco Paul adds even more into this animated movie with Minions going to jail,  Lucy trying but having a very hard time bonding with the three adopted daughters.  We also have Dru who wants to be a better bad guy with the help of Gru.  With all these story lines in one flick it is hard to really enjoy it. 

    I grade Despicable me a D+, if you are an adult wait until dvd to watch with your kids, or not at all.  If you have kids who want to see it, try and get them to go with their friends, this is not the animated movie you want to see this summer. 


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