Transformers: The Last Knight

Transformers: Revenge of the Dark Age of the Knight
(A Transformers: The Last Knight Review)
*Warning: As a reviewer I try and have a balanced and fair view of movies going ; so that I can give my honest opinion and a fair score. That being said I do dislike this franchise and had pre-judgements going into the film that impacted my score and beliefs of the film as a whole. This warning is to inform you the viewer that this is a biased review that leans more towards a negative opinion.

One of the summer blockbusters to come out this year is Transformers: The Last Knight. Directed by Michael Bay, starring Mark Wahlberg and Isabela Moner. This film is a part of the Michael Bay Transformer series that started back in 2007 with Transformers. The film was decent and got a 57% on Rotten Tomatoes from the critics, but was more liked by the audience giving it a 85%. Sadly the franchise hit its peak with its first film as the series has been in a constant decline since, with the prior film Transformers: Age of Extinction getting the distinction, if you can call it that, of being the worse. The hopes of the film to ascend from its predecessors ride on this film doing well, or will it be like the rest of the films in this franchise.

The Good:
-The Acting: The acting in the film by the human characters, outside of a few roles, was decent and unique. I especially enjoyed Isabela Moner. Her more steadfast, determined approach, while still a Michael Bay sexy nerdy girl trope character, was unique and entertaining. It looked like she was trying her best to make the film decent. Mark Wahlberg is better this time around from the Age of Extinction. He shows a range of emotions and has shown development from the previous film.
The Bad:
There are a lot of things that are not good with this film, so I will give some of the major one. This sin summarizes the entire film, and all the problems.

-The Story and Tropes: It’s another Transformers film. I will not be giving actual bits of the film, but the biggest sin in this franchise is that after five films they cannot come up with a unique idea that isn’t seen in the first film. This may be a problem throughout the whole series, but its still needs to be addressed in this film. A good series of tied in films either has 1 continuous story that goes through all the films, or presents new, different challenges that make the characters grow and change to overcome the odds. I am a person who loves a good story.
The tropes of the franchise make the story uninteresting, and way to predictable. An online review, the Nostalgia Critic, did a video, using only the tropes/gimmicks of Michael Bay’s Transformers, to predict the film. And he was 100% right about the film. That should never be the case with a film, maybe part of the story or one to two twist, but not the whole story.
Here is the video:
If you do end up seeing this movie, and have seen the attached video, I would not recommend doing a drinking game every time the Nostalgia Critic is right.
In Conclusion:
I wanted this film to be decent, with actors like Anthony Hopkins and Mark Wahlberg in the film I was hoping for an at least average performance. It didn’t have to be Wonder Woman levels of awesome, but at least something that left me feeling that the franchise was trying to redeem itself and go in the right direction. Instead, we go the same thing as the rest of them, the first and second movie, but with a different coat of paint on top. That is the biggest sin in my book, these beloved characters who went on so many adventures through many different iterations, have been reduced to a franchise that is made out of an AdLib story.
WIth all of that being said, I give this movie a 3/10. The 3 is the acting was decent, and some of the visuals were nice and not distracting. If you are looking for innovation and anywhere inbetween mediocre to good storytelling, this is not the film you are looking for.

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