47 METERS DOWN -review


47 Meters Down 

      When you saw the previews for 47 Meters Down nostalgia hit big time; Jaws, Deep Blue Sea, Open Water, and even some as silly as Sharknado, these were all movies that in their own way struck terror in you. It’s the mystery of what lies in the depths of the ocean.       Unfortunately, 47 Meters Down did not do this for me. It didn’t quite play on our fears of the unknown and of course the fear of a fast beast with rows of teeth coming toward you. The lack of sharks and shark attacks was extremely disappointing. For the few that do happen, only one of them is noteworthy in that it was definitely the gore scene you wanted and the blood curdling screams you expected.          

     As for the acting, the only main issue I really had was Mandy Moores character. The post relationship whining her character gives off in the beginning then continues through the rest of the movie as pathetic, it definitely didn’t make me feel scared for her.

The cinematography in this movie, however, is absolutely breathtaking. Not to mention how absolutely perfect those sharks looked when we got to see them. Overall, I wouldn’t say this movie was a “bust”, but I definitely felt that it lacked that major suspenseful feeling that makes even the cheesiest of shark movies work.

I grade 47 Meters Down a C, and that is just because the cinematography is amazing. 

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