Going into Wonder Woman I was worried because DC does not have a great track record with films recently. I was hoping this would turn around with Wonder Woman . Director Patty Jenkins bring the screenplay written by Geoff Johns, and Allan Heinberg to life in a great origin story.

Diana Prince (Wonder Woman for those non comic book people) (Gal Gadot) receives a gift from Bruce Wayne in the beginning of the flick that has her flash back to her first encounter with a Man. We start with Diana as a young girl and find out she was made from clay, and Zeus brought her to life for Queen of the Amazons Hippolyta (Connie Nielson). The Quenn won’t let Diana train with her aunt General Antiope (Robin Wright), she doesn’t want Ares to feel her power. Zeus created Diana and gave her to the Amazons as the God killer so she could protect Man Kind from the the God of War Ares.

We are then fast forward to World War I when Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crashes his plane of the Amazonian secret Island. Of Course, Diana saves him from the depths of the ocean, but the Germans end up following him which brings Man to the Island. This leads to a fight and some Amazons being killed, but more importantly leads to Diana leaving the Island never to return, just to help bring peace to man kind and defeat Ares the god of war.

We have seen this movie before, actually many times, a stranger from a strange land being guided by this time Steve. There is a lot of funny moments, for example, when she is trying on the style of clothing during World War I in London.

The one they are fighting who they believe is Ares is General Ludendorff (Danny Huston) and as they call her Dr. Poison (Elena Anaya) who are developing a weapon that will be able to kill thousands if not millions and bring victory to Germany. With the help from Sir Patrick Morgan (David Thewlis) and Steve’s friends Chief (Eugene Brave Rock), Charlie (Ewen Bremner), and Sameer (Said Taghmaoui). They descend onto the front lines of the war where Diana proves she has the power of a God Killer, and attacks the Germans through No Man’s Land to help save a village.

The way Jenkins brings Wonder Woman to screen where yes, she is a hero, but it takes a lot of work to defeat the enemy. She just doesn’t walk through No Man’s land with bullets bouncing off of her, she has to work at it, and relies on help from her teammates as well.

I will tell you the action and Gadot’s portrayal of Wonder Women is enough for me to tell you all to see it, and for me to get excited for Justice League. More importantly this is the best DC film in the new Expanded Universe that they have put out. I grade Wonder Women a B , go see it you will enjoy yourself.

Brad Watts


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