BAYWATCH – review


While I would like to say I have never seen an episode of Baywatch, that would be a lie. I have seen a few episodes, I know I have not seen them all. Yes, now we have a movie off the tv series that lasted from 1989 until 1999. The Series about life guards tackled anything from shark attacks to serial killers. The film is much of the same with more comedy involved. If you like a stupid comedy then Baywatch is the flick for you to see this weekend.

Mitch (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) is the Lieutenant of Baywatch he is over CJ Parker (Kelly Rohrbach), Stephanie (Lifenesh Hadera), and new trainees Summer (Alezandra Daddario), Ronnie (Jon Bass), and Matt Brody (Zac Efron). Brody is a former Olympic gold medalist that thinks he is the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to the water. With Seth Gordon directing I was hoping for something a little better than what we got, but I did laugh at times.

The main story line is there are drugs washing up on the beach, and Mitch wants to know where they are coming from. He thinks it is from a new developer Victoria Leeds (Priyanka Chopra) who is forcing business owners to sell to her. This is very evident, and clear that she is shady, so I am not giving much if anything away.

Things start gearing up when people start washing up on the beach dead, and Mitch and his Baywatch crew go into detective mode. This kind of reminds me of 21 Jump Street the movie, but without the chemistry that we got with Tatum and Hill. Efron and Johnson don’t have the same chemistry, and they try too hard to make it look like they have that chemistry. I did think some of the jokes were funny, but I think the one that made me laugh more than anyone was Jon Bass, he was the slapstick, Dick caught in a chair, funny.

All in all I will grade Baywatch the movie a solid C+. Not the best comedy I have ever seen, but not the worst either, and I do think we will get a Baywatch 2 because I can see a lot of people going to see this stupid comedy.

Brad Watts

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