In full disclosure, I read Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon prior to seeing the film adaptation. This was one of those books that I was interested in seeing adapted for the big screen. While I really enjoyed the movie, the book does give you a little more into the back-story of the characters.

Maddy Whittier has never been outside, or at least not in the past 17 and a half years since she was diagnosed with SCID. She was happy in her own little world inside the ultra-sanitized home her mom designed. Well, at least until Olly and his family moved in next door. Olly is curious about the girl next door who does not leave the house, and Maddy is just as curious of the boy in black next door. This leads the two of them on an adventure of discovering how much you will risk for love.

This movie is definitely aimed at a younger (teenage) audience. The music, scenery, and story will resonate teenage girls the most. I have a personal soft spot for modern architecture and houses that do not have slanted roofs, so I enjoyed the film just for the sets alone. The colorful views of Hawaii are not to be missed either. My biggest critique is when aiming at a young audience, parents may not approve of one scene in the film (at my showing a very young audience member decided to yell “what’s happening” during this scene which was funny for the moment and probably embarrassing for the child’s mother)

As usual, the book gave more details about the characters themselves, but the movie brought the young romance aspect to life. Young love, and for Maddy first love, was better captured on the screen than on the page. My biggest dislike in the film adaptation is you see less of the struggles the two main characters face in their personal lives and more of the romance, which is great for a young audience and a summer flick. In short, the movie will give you the sights, but the book gives you the depth of the story.

Overall I will give the movie a B. It was not anything great, but it is a good start of summer flick. I have a feeling the Alessia Cara and Zedd song “Stay,” which is featured in the film, will be a summer anthem on the radio. The book is a quick read, so I suggest reading it as well for more context into the movie.

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