SNATCHED – review

I had very low hopes for Snatched, and I am very happy to report that the Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer comedy exceeded my expectations.

The story begins with Emily’s (Schumer) relationship ending, leaving her with an extra ticket for a non-refundable trip to Ecuador. After trying to convince friends to join her, Emily finally convinces her mom (Hawn) to accompany her to the South American all inclusive resort. The trouble begins when the duo leave the resort and results in a great escape from kidnappers.

I was expecting a slap-stick comedy with little focus on the story and mainly setting up the next laugh. I was pleasantly greeted by a flowing storyline complemented with one-liners that bring the laughs. While there is quite a bit of exaggeration and extremes, there are relatable characters and a story of a mother-daughter relationship that is not to me missed.

The movie is full of Amy Schumer’s comedy. If you do not like her sense of humor it may not be as funny, but the theater was cracking up multiple times throughout the showing. The movie is properly rated R. While it is not the worst movie I have seen when it comes to language, violence, and sexual content, there is enough of it to point out that the humor is not clean humor (but again that is Schumer’s comedy style).

I really want to say to go see this movie with your mom this weekend for Mother’s Day since this is a story about a mother’s love of her children, but at the same time, not every mom will find the humor in this movie funny. (My mom did not find it as funny as I did). Overall, I will give it a B. It was funny the first time, but I do not think it would be as funny the second time around. This movie will not win big awards by a long shot, although it was entertaining for an evening. If you like Amy Schumer’s humor, definitely see this film, otherwise you can skip it.


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