THE FATE of the FURIOUS – review


     With all Furious movies we always have fast cars Lots of action, and great chemistry within the cast.  This is the first Fast movie that Paul Walker isn’t in since his death.  How would the franchise go on without him?  Would the cast still have that chemistry, and who would they try to put in to replace him?

   First time Fast and Furious director F. Gary Gray brings us a fun over powered with stunts, no real plot line, and amazing fun chemistry to the cast.  We have seen a lot of great Furious flicks, and this is one of the better ones.  I really think this is the best since Fast Five.  Do I think this is a great flick?  Yes I do, Do I think it is a not great flick?  Well yes, I do, but that is ok, because it is no worse than any of the other Fast and Furious flicks. 

   We begin F8 in Cuba where Dom (Vin Diesel) is on his honeymoon with Lety (Michelle Rodriquez).  What happens while they are there?  Of course, a race breaks out where Dom has to win or his cousin will lose his Car.  I think it is a great race scene and love how they do most of the scenes and not cgi them.  Dom also runs into Cipher (Charlize Theron) who is one of the world’s greatest hackers.  She has something on Dom that makes him turn on his “Family” Roman (Tyrese Gibson), Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson), Deckard (Jason Statham), Tej (Chris Bridges aka Ludacris) and Ramsey Nathalie Emmanuel). 

     There is more action than there is great plot and great dialogue, but the action is amazing.  Who tries to take Walkers place? Little Nobody (Scott Eastwood), he does o.k., but I don’t think we really needed to have him added.  Johnson is great, but Tyrese has all the great one liners.  I had a blast with this flick, yes it is more of the same, and more action, explosions, and great stunts.  I grade it a B+ fun around every corner. 

Brad Watts

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