While I was a little older when Power Rangers came on TV, my younger sibling grew up with them, as did our friend’s son who went with me to the screening of Power Rangers.  Now I know my husband would tell you that Power Rangers is just a generic VOLTRON, but the kids that are in their 20’s would argue with him, and that is who this movie is geared toward. 

    I think the Power Rangers had a very good start, but then goes downhill.  Director David Israelite did a good job trying to make this a movie all would like.  This is a movie about a bunch of miss matched teens that end up getting together and becoming the Power Rangers.  Jason (Dacre Montgomery), a popular star quarterback who had just suffered an injury from a prank that went wrong, Trini (Becky G) is a unhappy most likely gay girl, a young man taking care of his mother named Zack (Ludi Lin), the former bad girl of the group Kimberly (Naomi Scott), and of course we have to have a computer guy Billy (RJ Cyler) who not only is the tech guru, but he does have autism.

     The best part of the movie is us learning about each of them, which to me steams from a lot of other teenager movies.  They find some discs, which led them to a space ship.  Alpha 5 (Bill Hader) is a droid/robot and the boss Zordon (Bryan Cranston) are both on the ship.  They explain to them that they have to work together to stop the evil Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks).  Yes, we have the typical teen coming together training, and working as a team movie. 

     Rita has been stealing gold and other things from the town all so she can build a giant monster.  The team comes together to make a giant robot to fight the Monster and Rita.  I thought most of the Power Rangers actors were great in the flick.  I think the script, and possibly the dialogue might have needed a little help. 

I grade Saban’s Power Rangers a C+.  If you grew up with the Rangers you will highly enjoy this attempt at a Movie Money grab. 

Tiffany Watts

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