BEAUTY and the BEAST – review



     1991 Disney Animation brought us one of the best animated films to this day with Beauty and the Beast.  Brought to stage an award winning musical and the film itself got an Oscar Nomination for best picture.  While I haven’t been a huge fan of Disney turning classic Animated films into live action.  Beast does nothing to hate Disney for redoing this flick.  I don’t know if I would call it a classic live action flick, but it is very close. 

      Belle (Emma Watson) is nothing short of Amazing.  As we know Belle is different from her small village mainly because she is an educated woman.  Gaston (Luke Evans) who is the best looking, hunter, and muscular man in town insists Belle will marry him.   We all know the story, and if you don’t shame on you for not watching one of the best Animated flicks of my day with some of the best music. 

   Belle’s father Maurice (Kevin Kline), lost his wife, and in this live action version we learn how.  He is a loaner and most of the villagers think of him as being aloof making music boxes to sell at the market.  It was on his trip to the market that he gets lost and stumbles into an enchanted castle.  Yes, the Beast’s (Dan Stevens) Castle, where as you know everything is alive.  The objects who get most screen time is Cogsworth the Clock ( Ian McKellen), Lumiere the candle (Ewan McGregor), Mrs. Potts the tea pot (Emma Thompason), Chip (Nathan Mack), and Madame Garderobe (Audra McDonald).   They have all been turned into these enchanted objects because of how the beast treated the enchantress (Hattie Morahan), if The Beast doesn’t find true love and have someone love him back before the Enchanted Rose losses all of its petals, they will all stay enchanted forever.

     You will know most of the songs, there are a few new ones, I just wish they would have added my favorite from the musical, If I Can’t Love Her.  You will love all of the music, Watson is amazing as Belle, and the rest of the cast is spot on.  I think the best is Gaston’s bff LeFou (Josh Gad).  Director Bill Condon had made a remark months ago about LeFou being gay in this version, and he very well may be, but to me Gad played the part just as the animated version went.  It might be a little more of a bromance, but LeFou just really likes Gaston.  Gad is amazing at the part you can tell his musical background helped him in this role.  On the whole gay issue, I wasn’t bothered by anything, and I don’t think anyone will be.  Yes, at the very end LeFou dances with another man, but it is funnier than it is a gay moment! Yes, I know this is the year 2017 where we have all learned to judge other people, to hate all in society, but come on it is a live action movie off an animated one.  Both sides need to get on with it, there was nothing wrong in this movie. 

   I loved Beauty and the Beast , it is amazing, and if this is what Disney is going to bring us with live versions of the animated one’s, I can’t wait until Mermaid, Aladdin, and all the other great 80’s, 90’s, live action versions.  I grade Beast a solid A.  I loved it and you should go see it a couple of times, great family flick. 

Brad Watts

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