Kevin Hart: What Now?

Personally a new Kevin Hart movie is something I couldn’t wait for. I haven’t seen anything coming from Kevin Hart that wasn’t even just a little bit funny so I expected this movie to follow in those footsteps. Kevin Hart has really shot to the top of the popularity charts in the past few years appearing in multiple movies and tv shows.img_6154
The movie starts out like a certain 007 agent style movie complete with the fancy car, music and beautiful lady. After little movie action and some pretty hilarious interaction between some guest stars we move to a sold out Lincoln Financial Field in Philly. This also happens to be Kevin’s hometown.
One of the great things about Kevin Hart is his style of comedy. It’s not about all about him but his entire famiy and friend base. There really isn’t anyone who is safe from his comedy. It’s all so relatable to anyone. Whether you have a girlfriend or wife, kids, parents or friends. He has something to say about every one of them. He doesn’t leave out himself either, even laughing and making fun of his own fans following him into the bathroom and trying to take his picture. There is nothing off limits in this movie. Another thing I really liked was the backgrounds they used to enhance the things he was talking about. It made everything just a little funnier with the visual background.img_6155
I really enjoyed Kevin Hart: What Now? I actually couldn’t stop laughing for a majority of the movie. There was so many things not included in the commercials that were just hilarious. So many times you see a preview and see all the funniest parts. I’m happy to say that this was not the case with this movie. At some points there was so much laughter I missed part of the movie. I give this movie an A. If you have a little time and enjoy any of the Kevin Hart movies you should give this movie a try.

Tiffany Watts

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