KUBO and the TWO STRINGS – review


     Kubo is the new stop-motion flick brought to us by Laika studios.  Kubo is a beautifully done stop-motion flick who is now my favorite for the animated Oscar this year.  Sorry, PIXAR and DISNEY ANIMATED right now KUBO is the one to beat.  The story is amazing, the animation is amazing, all around this flick is fantastic. kubo1

Set in ancient Japan this flick has the American sense of storytelling, with warriors, villains, love, and loss. This flick will be enjoyed by old and young alike. The best part of the flick is the stop-motion animation done flawlessly in 3D.  What is new about this Stop-motion animation is the use of 3D printing to make the models this takes away the old jerky motion.  Add CGI for the lavish backgrounds, and you have the visually best animated flick of the year so far.kubo4

    The story is amazingly done, and focuses on Kubo (Art Parkinson) who is a young boy in ancient Japan who is forced to go on a quest to find 3 magically touched Items that were once sought out by his Father .  He is forced into this quest which also involves Monkey (Charlize Theron) and Beetle (Matthew McConaughey) by his grandfather the Moon King (Ralph Fiennes) and his aunts (Rooney Mara).  Director Travis Knight 1st time Director has worked on all the previous Laika films including it’s last flick Boxtrolls, does an amazing job on his first director attempt. kubo3

     Kubo has to try and stop his villainous family from taking his other eye, and making him blind to the human souls.  He has a special guitar which helps him on his quest.  Overall one of the best parts of this animated flick is the story telling.  Out of all the animated flicks of the year this has the best story, and the dialogue is done with kubo2perfection. 

     I grade Kubo an A+, I loved this stop-motion animated flick, better than I have liked all of the past Laika studio animations, but this is the best so far.  I enjoyed all the ones of the past, but they have outdone themselves this year.

Brad Watts

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