I love World War II flicks; maybe it is because I like history, or maybe because there are so many good World War II movies.  The best ones follow real stories, Unbroken for example.  This is based off a lesser-known story from World War II, one I had not heard of with the code name Anthropoid. anthro1

    This tale follows two parachutes that end up being Czechoslovakia freedom fighters that are going to Prague to assassinate the butcher of Prague Reinhard Heydrich.  Heydrich is the third in command under Hitler, and is ruling Prague after the Germans took over Czechoslovakia without firing a single shot.  The first hour of the flick is these two soldiers Josef (Cillian Murphy) and Jan (Jamie Dornan) connecting with the underground Czech freedom fighters, and making a plan to assassinate Heydrich. anthro3

     They meet and use, while falling in love two women Marie (Charlotte Le Bon) and Lenka (Anna Geisletova).  They need these women to walk with them so they don’t look suspicious, but this ends up after months of being together a relationship.  This dynamic really help sets the tone of the flick, and the actors and actresses really play the tension quite well.  Are they going to give up the mission for love, will they survive and live happy ever after?anthro4

     The cinematography is amazing, really makes us feel like we are in Prague during World War II.  The soldiers abusing citizens for information, taking Jews away, and just killing people to be killing people.  This is one reason why the freedom fighters have come from London to cut off one of the main heads in the German Leadership. 

    We get to see the Assassination attempt, and (Spoiler Alert) if you don’t know it ends up being successful after a couple of days.  This has the German forces looking for the shooters and killing men who won’t help them find the parachutes.  The tension really grows and we have an amazing shoot out in a church.  This all really happened and the church is still there in Prague, and has bullet holes from the shoot out. anthro5

I grade this flick a B, really entertaining and taught me a story from World War II I had never heard.  The directions and cinematography was amazing as well the acting that makes you sweat just as much as the nervous soldiers. 


Brad Watts

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