We comic book fans have been waiting for Suicide Squad for a year now, ever since we saw the first trailer leak from SDCC last year.  The big question is would it live up to the hype, how is Leto as Joker, and all fans like, love, or hate this flick.  If you read some of what the main stream media is reporting on the flick you would think this was the worst flick of the year.  Me I think the main stream critics have lost their minds like the Joker has in the DC world. images-97

     Writer Director David Ayer had his hands full with this great cast playing some of the best Villains in the DC comic universe.  I think he did amazing with the story, the quick backstory of all the villains was done amazingly well.  He directed the flick in a very stylistic matter, lots of color throughout the flick (probably trying to get DC out of the Dark since the Dark Knight series from the great Nolan.  He brings a breath of fresh air with the crazy and zaniness comes jumping at you from the screen.images-94

     The rating is a PG-13, I think it might be better at a rating of R like Deadpool, but I understand the reason so the teens can go see this great crazy flick.  When I say it is more colorful, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t dark scenes throughout the movie.  The action is wild and insane just as we all expected from watching the trailers. images-92

     While the main critics are all over the main villain being lackluster, and not very good at being bad, I think this helps the flick.  I really didn’t go into the movie to see the main villain.  It is the Squad of Bad Guys trying to do good that I went to see, I and was not disappointed one bit.  The dialogue throughout is great with perfect timing on one liners, and you can tell this cast had perfect chemistry from the start of the flick to the very end.  The bad guys know they are insane, and all the actors, and actresses have fun playing them. images-95

     The film really try to make Deadshot (Will Smith) the leading man, and the focus of the team, but to me it was Harley Quinn(Margot Robbie) who is the lead, star, and what makes the flick.  She plays Quinn perfectly, almost like she jumped out of the animated series and right onto the big screen.  Quinn love interest is of course the Joker (Jared Leto) who brings his own style into the Jokers world.  I don’t think he is as good as Ledger, but he is playing a different type of  Joker, and I really wish we would have seen more of him in this flick, and can’t wait to see more of him in the future. images-96

     The rest of the team is Rick Flagg (Joel Kinnaman) a special forces soldier that is in charge of the Bad Guys doing Good.  Diablo (Jay Hernandez), Killer Croc (Adele Akinnuoye-Agbaje), Enchantress (Cara Delevingne), Boomerang (Jai Courtney), Katana (Karen Fukuhara) and Slipknot (Adam Beach).  The question you will have to ask is all going to make it out of the fight alive or are some of them going to not make it.  The squad was brought together by Amanda Waller (Viola Davis). imgres copy 4

     Did I enjoy the flick? Yes as much as I expected too and that was a relief.  After Batman vs Superman I was hoping not to be disappointed in another DC flick.  I am glad to say this was great fun.  Robbie and Leto make the movie.  I hope we get to see a Harley Quinn stand alone flick next that would be awesome with Robbie. 

I grade Suicide Squad an A-.  I loved this flick, and if you are a comic book fan you will love is as well.  Don’t believe what you read from the main Critics, I think they go into the movie with a negative attitude. 

Brad Watts

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