Bourne (Matt Damon) is back after taking on movie in this franchise off. Back also is Director Paul Greengrass who also brings back the shaky camera all of the Bourne fans love. We also get a great motorcycle chase, car chase, and Bourne dispatching many enemies throughout the flick.imgres-81

The plot while it may be a little sketchy and unclear, it is still very enjoyable. Let’s reintroduce you all to Bourne, a CIA assassin who has super human type abilities, he has been trained, or programed to do what the CIA needs him to do. Bourne though in the first flick breaks away from the CIA and through out the movies has brought a lot of light on how the CIA operated and programed humans to be killing machines like him.images-87

We meet Bourne in Greece where he is living off the grid and being paid to fight in fight club type fights. Yes, he is making a living, but how long can he really do this. He is also starting to remember how he was recruited, and somethings about his family. Bourne’s friend Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles) is back, and former government agent who has impressive hacking skills that bring to light some of the past Bourne has been looking for.images-89

We also meet for the first time Robert Dewey (Tommy Lee Jones) who is the director of the CIA, and is not trying to bring Bourne back in, but instead have another operative called The Asset (Vincent Cassel) to kill him. We learn along the way of Asset’s history with Bourne, and how both want revenge on each other.images-88

Heather Lee (Alicia Vikander) is the head of the CIA internet security team, that not only tracks Parsons down, but also Bourne. She gets caught in the middle of this war between Dewey and Bourne with The Asset doing Dewey’s dirty work. Dewey is also using Aaron Kalloor (Riz Ahmed) a Billionaire software developer who is launching a Facebook/Google type program that will be able to spy on all the people of the world, and Dewey wants a back door to be able to see all the world’s secrets.images-86

I loved this flick, not as much as one, but way better than the last flick. It is very enjoyable to watch Director Greengrass and Damon get back together for some big time ass whopping. I grade this movie a B- while it isn’t the best Bourne flick, it is hard to recreate the magic of the first flick.


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