BAD MOMS – review


Usually my wife would go see a girl comedy like this one, but she has been busy planning her brothers wedding, so I went to see how good or bad Bad moms would be. I really didn’t think I was going to enjoy the movie, but I was wrong. While I don’t think it is the funniest movie of the year, I do think a lot of Moms will really enjoy this Mean Girls for adult women movie.imgres-83

The first mom we meet Amy (Mila Kunis), who is at the moment picture perfect working mother of two school age children that helps with the PTO and does all the school functions. She has a husband that is really kinda like me a Man- Child (lol). So really she has to take care of three kids, she does this and does it well. Her world gets turned upside down when she catches her Husband cheating on her with a women online. This is a really funny scene.images-90

This is where Amy starts to look at her life and realizes that while she is doing literately everything to help her children and her children’s school out, she is not doing anything for herself. She finally snaps and goes off on the perfect Pto president Gwendolyn (Christina Applegate). She ends up running into Carla (Kathryn Hahn) and KiKi (Kristen Bell). The first night they hang out you can tell they have a connection and all need each other.images-91

I think a lot of mothers will really connect to the trouble the trio of (Bad Moms) have with being Bullied in the PTO, on what their children eat, who they date and so on, not only will they connect, but they will laugh while they are doing it. Yes this movie is graphic, yes it has nudity, and graphic speak, but it is refreshing to see it come from grown women and not a bunch of guys.imgres-84

I grade this flick a B, make sure men your wife goes to see this flick either with you, or her friends. She will enjoy it, and maybe go to a flick of your choice next.


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