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     Nerve is a 24 hour social media based game of Truth or Dare (without the truth) where you choose to either play or watch. If you play, you are sent a dare and earn an increasing amount of money with each action. If you watch, you pay for a subscription to watch people complete the dares. Feeling pressure from her peers, Vee (Emma Roberts) finds herself immersed in the game entering as a player. For her first dare, she is told to kiss a random stranger. This stranger also happens to be a Nerve player named Ian (Dave Franco). The watchers enjoyed their interactions so much that they dared them to become a team. As the dares become increasingly risky and the stakes are raised, they soon discover the only way out is to win the game.imgres-79
With names like Emma Roberts and Dave Franco in a film with a romantic undertone, my inner teenager was telling me I had to go see this movie. My only problem with them in this roll is the fact that I was a high school student the last time I saw them playing high school students. I just graduated from college, yet they are still in high school (or at least Vee is in high school. Ian does not have a given age). Honestly, any age would have worked in this situation as long as they were old enough to operate a smart phone, yet young enough to be a gullible risk-taker.
Like most people, I played Truth or Dare, as it is a right of passage when growing up. This takes the game to a new extreme, but not a completely unrealistic idea given the tech savvy world we live in. Dares are voted on by other people who have access to the app or website (other players and watchers). In the world we live in, I am pretty sure there are a couple of YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook Live, and Periscope stars who do extreme activities per the requests of their fans (If you do not know what some of these things are, they are video sharing platforms, the last three being live, un-editable video streaming), indicating this idea is not completely out of the blue.
One of the things the movie really focuses on is your digital fingerprint. As someone who grew up in this age of technology, pretty much everything I do is online. If you found this review via Twitter, my handle was probably attached to it. I am very aware of my online appearance. I cannot say the same for other people. Some people think they can hide behind a screen name. If it is not your real name you can post what you want and it won’t be connected to you, right? It’s just the Internet and entertainment right? This movie does a good job of pointing out how susceptible teenagers can be to social media validation and appearance as well as exactly how unaware some people are of their Internet influence.  While the movie is geared towards teenagers and young adults, I think this is a good movie for parents to see. They will hate it, but it might open your eyes to exactly how quickly these social media events popup and become popular. Also, you may want to take your teenager with you if you go to see the movie. They may not call Vee a cinnamon roll in those exact words, but there are a few pop culture references and some youth jargon that may need translating.
Nerve was a thriller-romance and presented as a game, a common theme among recent action movies geared towards young adults. I give Nerve a B (there might be a shirtless Dave Franco curve in that grade). Some of the dares are extreme and at times you can predict what the next dare will be, but I thought it offered a good message, even if it was presented as a game. To me it was a teen action/romance movie that I probably would have watched when I was younger and went to the movies with friends, but to my mother, who attended the movie with me, it was an eyeopener to what the apps on my phone can do. The movie is not to scare you about the possibilities of the Internet, but to give you an idea of what the Internet can be if you do not use your best judgment.  
Mary Elizabeth 

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