LIGHTS OUT – review


     I love horror movies, the ones that are good, they don’t have to be gory, but if you get me to jump well done.  I don’t jump much at horror flicks, but Lights Out got me at least once.  This is a very good horror flick that isn’t too gory and is rated PG-13. imgres-77

Writer/ Director David F. Sandberg brings his what was that in the dark horror flick to the big screen.  You can tell he takes something like did I see something in the dark out of the corner of my eye, turn on the lights and it is either gone or it was just a pile of cloths.  We have always had issues with being in the dark starting as kids.  Sandberg does a remarkable job bringing this horror to the screen and making a great story to go with it.   imgres-76

     I am not going to spoil anything, but one thing I liked about the story is you aren’t surprised that often, and it is very easy to figure out, no suspense in the story, but enough of suspense in the filming.  We can see the plot lines before us, and enjoy taking the ride and going fast down the hills and around corners, it doesn’t matter we know what is coming up, but if we are flying in our chairs it doesn’t mater how much we know the ride is still fun. images-82

     Martin (Gabriel Bateman) who is living with his mom Sophie (Maria Bello) and has a father in the beginning of the flick.  We learn very quickly that Sophie isn’t always in her right mind, we don’t know why or how bad she is, but we do know something isn’t right from the first time we see Martin talking to his father on the phone. images-81

Martin also has a half sister Rebecca (Teresa Palmer), she lives alone, even though her boyfriend Bret (Alexander DiPersia) would like to stay or live with her.  Rebecca we learn knows about her and Martin’s mother’s issues, but she also doesn’t know how deep the issues were.  Martin begins to not be able to sleep at night, and when he falls asleep at school they call Rebecca and she starts remembering the times she had problems sleeping at night when she was his age. images-83

We keep leaving Sophie, and whatever is hiding in the dark and going to Rebecca’s place, but we are always brought back to the house and Sophie.  We learn that this evil is attached to Sophie, we just don’t know why, or how. images-84

I grade LIGHTS OUT a B+, the story is good, but not amazing.  The scare in this flick isn’t with the story or the plot, but with the execution on how they get the Scare to come at you.  Like I said in the beginning paragraph, it isn’t very often a horror flick gets me to jump this one got me twice, and I enjoyed both times. 

Brad Watts 

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