Writer Director Taika Waititi brings us a very wonderful and terrific flick.  He last directed What We Do in the Shadows in 2014.  With Hunt he brings us a story of a boy who is a foster and meeting his foster family for the first time.  Seeing the title I didn’t know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised and you will be too when you learn about the Wilderpeople, and why anyone would want to Hunt them. imgres-74

Hunt is a very smart, sweet, flick that follows the boy Ricky (Julian Dennison) and his new Foster Family Bella (Rima Te Wiata) and Hec (Sam Neill).  Just when Ricky is getting used to his new home something tragic happens that changes things.  Hec is typically not happy to see anyone.  Bella and Hec have a 13th Birthday party for Ricky and give him a dog which they he names Tupac. 

With the tragic event the child welfare people want to take Ricky back.  Hec is going to allow this to happen, and while Ricky is leaving Hec is going to go into the Bush.  Before the Child welfare people come to collect him Ricky decides to runaway into the Bush just him and Tupac.  Of course, Ricky gets lost and Hec comes and finds him. imgres-73

Some other events end up happening in the Bush and Hec and Ricky end up learning they need each other.  While they are in the Bush the Child Welfare people come looking for Ricky, and send the police out to look for him as well.  They disappear for well over a month and have half the country looking for them, but end up surviving in the harsh Bush.  Questions are running through the public’s head did Hec kidnap Rickey, did Hec kill Ricky? 

We aren’t surprised to see they bond with each other, and it is a joy to see Neill play a person that is not his normal self.  Neill playing a angry old man, who ends up becoming softer when he helps Ricky.  There is a great scene where the two run into some hunters who think Hec had kidnapped Ricky. imgres-72

Julian Dennison is great, he plays a kid who acts tough but really isn’t he is acting tough just to hide who he really is.  The best part of the flick is seeing the two bond and let their guards down.  Waititi brings so much feeling and character development I can’t wait to see what he does with Thor: Ragnarok his next flick.  I grade this flick an A, I loved this journey into an angry mans soul, and a troubled kid, and how the both really needed each other. 

Brad Watts

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