Straight from the BBC show which was first aired in 1992, we have the first big screen adaptation of the Ab Fab movement.  If you have ever watched and enjoyed the British comedy sitcom you will most likely enjoy it on the big screen as well.  You will get to hear Darling, sweetie and lots of chain smoking. imgres-71

Jennifer Saunders who is not only Eddy Monsoon in the sitcom and movie, but she is also the one who penned the sitcom and movie.  To me this was a good sign to have the same writer write both the hit show, and now the movie we should be getting ready for lots of laughs.  Her best friend Patsy (Joanna Lumley) is back as the former model who is now transgendered and is always drunk.  While Eddy is the Press agent who love popping pills and getting drunk with Patsy all while living in London.images copy 5

Not much has changed except these two are now older, but have not gotten any wiser, and not clean either.  Thank god because if they had the movie would have been really really dull.  Yes, we have a plot which is where Eddy is trying to stay relevant, and make money so she can live the lifestyle she has been used too.  Eddy has very few clients left one of them is Baby Spice and an old 60’s singer named Lulu.  After most of her cards are shut off or as Eddy states her cards are broken, she tries to sell a book of her own memoirs, but most of the script are the typed out word blah blah blah. images-75

Enter Kate Moss who needs a new Agent.  Patsy and Eddy of course decide to crash the celebrity filled party to get Kate to sign with Eddy.  They think that using Eddy’s African American granddaughter Lola (Indeyarna Donaldson-Holness) will give them street cred and get Kate to sign.  Along with Lola comes Saffy (Julia Sawalha) who is Eddy’s daughter.  She is the complete opposite of her mother and Patsy. images-74

We have many cameos throughout the flick, and all of them do add some humor to the film.  The party doesn’t go as planned and well you will have to see what happens to Kate Moss and if Eddy gets her as a client.  The one I loved best is St. Louis’s own Jon Hamm who we learn had his virginity taken by Patsy.  We have many of the great British actresses and actors make their appearance as well. 

The good thing about the flick if you enjoyed it on T.V. you will enjoy it on the big screen.  This really feels like an extended episode from the BBC.  I grade ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS a solid B, this is a great feel good comedy.  I enjoyed it, and hope Saunders starts to write a sequel. 

Tiffany Watts

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