Growing up in the 80’s, if you were a kid you loved Ghostbusters.  Paul Feig is taking chances on rebooting the 1980’s hit, and what I would call a classic from my kid years.  Taking out the fact that he replaced all the main rolls with women.  I really didn’t care, I just want a good flick that I can watch as many times as I watched the first Ghostbusters. imgres-67

     We all know the original Ghostbusters movie, the stars, the story, and how the movie plays out.  So here we are in 2016 and we are making a new Ghostbuster flick.  Erin Gilbert (Kristen Wiig) is a professor of physics at Columbia University.  Her friend Abby Yates (Melissa McCarthy) wrote a book in the past that was about ghosts.  Abby is still selling the books, these books are haunting Erin and her future.  No one, at the university is taking her seriously because of the book, and this is affecting her ability to get tenure. images copy 3

     Of course, Abby is not going to stop selling the book she is still working to prove that ghosts really do exist.  Abby starts working with Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon), who is also a scientist that believes in the ghost activity.  They start a business that ends up being called Ghostbusters by the media.  Patty Tolan (Leslie Jones) ends up joining the business because she is so sick of her job working as a transit worker in New York.  Only thing left is the secretary who is filled by Kevin (Chris Hemsworth).  While he has the looks he is very very stupid, and gets a few laughs along the way.  My daughter thought he was really funny.images-73

With the original Ghostbusters written by the late Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd who put lots of scientific detail through out the original flick, Paul Feig and cowriter Katie Dippold does the same.  The other similarity to the original flick is the story line where New York is under attack by Paranormal activity (Ghosts). 

Rowan (Neil Casey), a Psycho who is behind the reason there is more and more ghosts showing up in New York.  The reason and story line was a little hard for my 12 year old to follow, not as easy as the original was for me as a child.  We also miss a Rick Moraines character, at least I did.  The other problem I had with the flick overall is the cameo’s from the original cast.  I love the cast showing up, but they should have been in the characters we loved in the 80’s.imgres-68

The new cast is great don’t get me wrong you will laugh, and the surprising part is how they held McCarthy back, but Jones and McKinnon are the ones really getting laughs through out the flick.  All four of the women get some great Laugh Out Loud moments, and even Hemsworth has a few. My daughter really enjoyed it, the only problem I see with the flick is it isn’t going to be mind blowing like the original was with the special effects. images copy 4

I grade Ghostbusters (2016) a B.  don’t be ashamed if you grew up like I did with the original, go enjoy laugh, and then come home and watch the original. If you have kids and they haven’t seen the original be sure to have them watch those as well.   

Tiffany Watts

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