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Director Todd Solondz has brought us some great, weird, and down right wacky Indie flicks such as Welcome to the Doll House, Storytelling, and Happiness.  If you have ever seen a Todd Solondz film you would know what I am talking about.  His flicks are all black comedies, and just the title of this flick made me worry about the welfare of the Weiner-Dog. imgres-62

We essentially have four different stories that are all connected because of Weiner-Dog.  We first meet Remi (Keaton Nigel Cooke) who is recovering from cancer, and his parents who really don’t know anything about him get him Weiner-Dog. Danny (Tracy Letts) who is cruel when trying to keep Remi and the new dog apart, and Dina (Julie Delpy) have more money than they know what to do with, but they have never emotionally bonded with their son.  The story here has the Weiner-Dog make each family member look into themselves when they realize that even a small inconvenience is worth it when caring for a life. images-71

This is where the stories start to get a little more weirder, we have had the sad, no the weird twisted stories.  Dawn Weiner (Greta Gerwig), a character from Welcome to the Dollhouse, is a vet tech who runs off with Weiner-Dog on an adventure with a drug Addict Brandon (Kiernan Culkin).  They were high school friends.  Brandon has the tough job on telling his brother who is Autistic that their Father an Alcoholic has passed away. imgres-63

The next owner of Wiener-Dog is Dave Schmerz (Danny Devito) a film-school professor who is going bankrupt and is depressed.  Dave’s students all hate him, and he speaks in catchphrases that you can tell Write Director Solondz hates. imgres copy 2

The final story is about Nana (Ellen Burstyn) a elderly women who keeps looking into her past and all of her life’s mistakes.  She renames Wiener-Dog to Cancer and is visited by her granddaughter.  Her granddaughter is there for money so she can help her boyfriend who is an artist who has no strength of character.images-72

This is where the movie ends, and like all Solondz flicks it does not end well for one of the characters.  I grade this flick a C-.  I usually like Indie flick and flicks that Todd has done, but this one just lacked surprise if you have seen some of Todd’s previous flicks you could read what might happen next. 

Brad Watts

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