The Purge:  Election Year

The Purge, the 1st in the film franchise, was originally released in 2013 created some what of a cult following. I myself was a part of that group. The whole idea of the Purge movie intrigued me and I loved the fact that we had a new kind of scary/thriller movie to see. In 2014 The Purge; Anarchy was released. Following most of the premise of the first film it also made most of the fans happy. I enjoyed Anarchy but was anxiously awaiting The Purge: Election Year. My hopes were that it would come back to the original film and give you that thriller, almost scary feel that the first movie had as well as a good plot to keep you entertained, keeping you on the edge of your seat until the very end.the_purge_election_year-620x412[1]

Election Year starts out showing the group of very old white men discussing the current front runner for the upcoming Presidential Election. The candidate is Senator Charlie Roan, played by Elizabeth Mitchell, who was once herself a victim of The Purge. She has now vowed to eliminate the Purge. The other candidate Minister Edwidge Owens, played by Kyle Secor is being backed by the Founding Fathers who created the Purge 25 years prior. The founding fathers are not at all happy with the idea that the Purge could soon end and even more unhappy with the fact that she is only 1 point behind in the polls. Their way to resolve this issue is to change one of the few rules of the Purge. No one is free on Purge night, everyone, including Government officials are now a possible target. Once finding this information out Senator Roan’s head of security, Leo Barnes, played by Frank Grillo,  is immediately looking to find a a safe house for her on Purge Night. Knowing this will ruin her changes for election she declines and demands that she stay in her own home just like the rest of America on Purge night.purge-election-year-photo-2[1]

After a betrayal staff Senator Roan’s home is compromised and she must spend the night running the streets with Leo trying to stay alive. In the hours that follow the Senator and Leo come across many enemies including a group of tourist who have come to “The Great Country of America” to take part in the Purge. What has now become a tourist destination for those who also choose to take part in a night of violent crimes. This is just one of many reasons why Senator Roan feels the Purge needs to end. It’s gotten out of hand and become more than just what it was intended to be. After falling victim to some people out taking advantage of the night she finds some help from a local store owner and spends the rest of the Purge trying to stay safe with them.the_purge_election_year-620x412[1]

The movie is filled with many moments where you jump or wait on the edge of your seat for what’s about to happen next. Bringing some of the thrill from the original movie back in this movie helped make this, in my opinion, the best of the 3 movies. If you saw any of the Purge movies I highly encourage you to go out and check out this film. There are a lot of political similarities to the current situation in America right now, which I’m sure wasn’t a mistake, but nonetheless makes the movie that much more entertaining. I give this movie an A, I loved it and plan to see it again. Be mindful of the rating and only take those who are age appropriate to this movie. It is very graphic and violent.

Tiffany Watts

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