THE BFG – review


The book written by Roald Dahl in 1982 was one of my favorite books growing up.  I was excited that Steven Spielberg was taking this book to the big screen, directing it.  The movie is visually amazing, just like the book, and kids will love it.bfg2

The script is written by the late great screen writer Melissa Mathison who also wrote a little Spielberg movie called E.T.  With The BFG being played by Mark Rylance should get looked at by the academy for his acting with the CGI animation, without him I don’t know if this movie would work at all. bfg1

Sophie (Ruby Barnhill) is a girl who lives in an orphanage, who one night catches a glimpse of BFG while he is scampering throughout London hiding in plan sight.  He is scampering throughout London to give everyone dreams.  He does this because the other giants from his land eat people and this is the way he gives back. bfg5

Mark Rylance is the only actor I could think of that would be able to give the mixed up vocabulary of the BFG so much character.  He also gives him a great personal touch and a loving personality who really truly cares not only for Sophie, but for the Human Race.

The BFG is bullied by the other giants who are way bigger than him.  When Sophie sees him by mistake he grabs her and takes her to Giant land which is a secret location.  The way the land, and where the BFG catches dreams is portrayed amazingly the only way Spielberg could. bfg3

The best scene I think is when Sophie and The BFG visit the Queen (Penelope Wilton).  I love the way Spielberg is able to mix the CGI of the BFG and the non CGI together.  While this film is not as good as E.T. or as exciting as Raiders of the Lost Ark or Jurassic Park, it is a very delightful flick that kids will enjoy.

I grade BFG a B.  I don’t think it is as good as Finding Dory, but I do think Kids will like it, and Parents who read the book in Elementary school will get a kick out of seeing it on the Big screen.


Brad Watts

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