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RATING: THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR has been rated R for disturbing bloody violence and strong language.

RUNNING TIME:  110 minutes



73 Responses to “THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR – contest”

  1. Evan says:

    The original in the house kill!

  2. Barbara says:

    My favorite purge kill is emptying out the refrigerator into the trash or better yet, my stomach. 😀

  3. Sydney Hallett says:

    Favorite Purge kill? When the neighbor killed the bad guy in the first film and then tried to kill the family. She was a crazy woman.

  4. Emily says:

    i would have to say my favorite PURGE KILL is any kind of knife or machete.

  5. teresa says:

    Ethan Hawke as James Sandin

  6. SABRINA says:

    My favorite PURGE kill was the scene when Ethan Hawke used the axe and shotgun to kill the guy and girl.

  7. Kristin says:

    I like when Ethan Hawks kills that crazy broad in the nite gown near the pool table. From the first one

  8. Christine says:

    When Eva’s terminally ill father offers himself to be purged for $100,000, so that she won’t have to struggle financially anymore.

  9. reggie richardson says:

    My favorite part is when the black dude (Edwin Hodge) came in and saved the crew in the Anarchy version.

  10. Branson says:

    When Charlie was hiding then found by a purger and he had a gun to Charlie’s head but then his dad came in & emptied the clip on him.

  11. Chuck Deji says:

    The final shoot out scene in purge anarchy. That was balls to the wall badass!

  12. Deonta Jones says:

    My favorite kill was in part 2. The guy that was going to rape and kill the girls. When he got it was great.

  13. grace says:

    I am interested

  14. Donna L. says:

    When the Sgt. rescues Eva and Cali, killing people in the process.

  15. Leslie Kiley says:

    James goes to the games room and finds 3 Strangers. There’s a massive fight complete with beatings, choking, beating with pool cues. He beats 2 strangers unconscious and kills the third with a fire axe to the back. He finishes up by shooting each stranger in the head to make sure they’re dead but. As he leaves, the Polite Stranger steps out from behind a door and stabs him in the gut. The Polite Stranger thanks him for making this a very special Purge and leaves.

  16. Brittany G says:

    When Sergeant kills the armed men to free Cali and Eva.

  17. rachel says:

    when the dad sells himself to provide a better life for his daughter.

  18. Leah says:

    I love the entire movie

  19. Joel says:

    My favorite part is when the guy wants to take revenge

  20. Joe says:

    Great movie hope I can see it

  21. Jessie says:

    The purge itself

  22. Mike says:

    When he guns down the entire room.

  23. Joy says:

    My favorite part was, when Eva’s father offered himself to the purge, so his family will have money!!

  24. Jill says:

    I loved the original movie!!!!

  25. Dee says:

    I would love to see this movie

  26. Kerri says:

    (2013) when the homeless man (the guy that they helped earlier) appears at the Sandlins home, he shoots one of their neighbors who are holding them hostage, then forces the neighbors to free the Sandlins. Though the homeless guy asks Mrs. Sandlin to kill the neighbors, she refuses, stating there will be no more killing that night. Wicked good movie!

  27. John G says:

    The Purge – No One Was Helping (2013)very suspenseful movie.

  28. Natalie says:

    When Evas sick father gives himself up for $100k so she does not have to worry about money any more.

  29. Rich S says:

    In the first Purge movie, the neighbors came over and start purging the people attacking Ethan Hawke’s family.

  30. DIANA says:

    When the rapist was killed…

  31. Whitney says:

    When Eva’s Pop offers himself so she would have money for a better life.

  32. MATT SAPONAR says:

    When Ethan Hawke killed the guy with the shotgun

  33. Valerie says:

    I never saw the movie but would like to

  34. Ryan Earley says:

    when Eva’s terminally ill father offers himself to be purged for $100,000, so that she won’t have to struggle financially anymore.

  35. Kevin Peery says:

    My favorite Purge Kill is when James Sandin (Ethan Hawke) killed the guy and the girl that were attacking him with that axe and the shotgun!

  36. Dana says:

    In anarchy, when the main character killed the people who paid money to kill them.

  37. Sharon says:

    When the people that were being hunted by the rich people and turned the tables on them.

  38. Jan Tippit says:

    Does the answer matter?

  39. Jan Tippit says:

    I’m sorry. I wish the purge were real.

  40. Cary Paller says:

    The idea of a “Purge” is wild.

  41. Chris says:

    The first purge when the neighbors came over to get the one guy

  42. Chris says:

    Part 2 when he gun everybody from the truck

  43. Joe says:

    The cheaters deserve to die shootout

  44. Kimberly Brenner says:

    It may be morbid, but my favorite purge kill was in the second movie when the butcher was driving around in his semi truck with the machine gun mounted to the back of the truck. Pretty gruesome.

  45. Ashley Gardner says:

    My favorite Purge kill was at the end of Anarchy when the rebellious group entered the rich people’s game of hide and seek, and they shot up everyone.

  46. Marissa says:

    I love the entire movie!!!

  47. Patricia says:

    When James Sandin killed the guy and the girl that were attacking him with that axe and the shotgun!

  48. Nancy says:

    When Eva’s father offered himself to the purge, so his family will have money

  49. Frank says:

    I love the entire movie!

  50. BOB says:


  51. carol n says:

    I’ve never seen the movies, but my husband has and loves these movies, as a great wife I would love to take him to see it!

  52. Baxter says:

    The entire movie!

  53. Carol says:

    The shootout with the cheaters deserving to die.

  54. Rudolpho says:

    I liked them all… Let the purge begin again!

  55. amanda says:

    LOVE these movies!!!

  56. dan says:

    Soo many good scenes!

  57. Lotus says:

    I love them all!

  58. Martha says:

    My favorite kill is the guy who sacrifices himself. I know that’s been said a lot but it’s just likeable.

  59. Joseph H says:

    1st Purge – Ethan Hawk clearing the pool room with a shotgun. Ready pull!

  60. Baxter says:

    The original movie was by far the best.

  61. Carol says:

    Don’t think it will ever be as good as the first .

  62. Cornisha says:

    I loved all the Purge’s! Can’t wait until this one comes out either!

  63. dev sinha says:

    Ethan Hawke as James Sandin

  64. Marie says:

    I loved all the Purge Movies! I know this ones gonna be good too!

  65. Sree datla says:

    Definitely the dude who kills/sacrifices them.

  66. E Powell says:

    I like the ancrchy the best. The rich people getting taking out.

  67. Natalie m says:

    When the rapist was killed…

  68. Raffeal says:

    That guy with the 18 wheeler full of weapons….wooooooo !

  69. Tearra says:

    The original movie was the best

  70. Jacqueline Spaunhorst says:

    The Purge Anarchy. The father sells himself to be killed to give the money to his daughters for a better life.

  71. Jan Tippit says:

    No really. You guys are great

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