Central Intelligence Review

By: Alex Hummel

Central Intelligence is the comedy action movie starring Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart. Going into this movie review I was expecting just a standard buddy cop film with one of the two leads being the comedic relief while the other played the straight man. Now the question is whether this was true or not. After looking at the good and the bad of the film, I will give my opinion of it, and then you can make your opinion based on everything presented to you whether or not you would like Central Intelligence.  

*Before dissecting the film I will comment that this review will be avoiding any of the content of the film as it we do not wish to spoil the film and while certain parts of the review are more talking about the overall aspect, they will not divulge any details from the movie such as scenes or how certain characters could/could not grow, as we don’t want to ruin your viewing experience before you see the movie.*images-54

The Good:

The Story: Central Intelligence did more than provide a good laugh. The movie keeps the audience guessing. The pacing of the story was great, the story kept moving forward and only paused to allow for the characters to develop or for laughs. Overall the story was surprisingly refreshing, as most comedies, as of late felt like the movie focused more on getting the audience to laugh at the jokes and would forget the plot to allow for that extra joke. One final thing I enjoyed most about this movie was that every scene felt important in the film.

Dwayne and Kevin: Sorry Ice Cubed, but the chemistry between these two blows your chemistry with Kevin Hart right out of the water. The two played off each other spectacularly. For a majority of the time Kevin Hart goes a bit unique for him as he plays the straight man in the duo while Dwayne played the role of the comedian. I was curious going into the movie to see how this would turned out and… it was spectacular. The two of them were great together and pulled the best out of the other. And while both had the labels of straight man and comic relief for a majority of the film, there were spots where the roles would either flip and let their true acting chops shine as Dwayne is a great action actor and Kevin is a great comedian. Hopefully the two will team up together again to produce another movie as they were great in this movie.images-53

The action: Central Intelligence does a great job of incorporating action when necessary, and doing so in some awesome showings of both combat and mixing comedy in the scenes. The comedy in the action scenes was done as great humor, and at the same time did not distract from the action, at times it even elevated the action scenes.

The comedy: As stated in the pairing of Dwayne and Kevin section, the two made some great comedy together and played off each other amazingly. Overall the comedy in this movie was great to the point where certain parts had me crying and gasping from air as I couldn’t stop laughing.images-57

The Bad:

*Walks out of the room and away from keyboard*…Okay in all seriousness I felt that the movie had no overall problems and was just a great film. The actors pulled out some of their best performances, the story was great, I nearly thought I was going to die from laughing, and the actions was good in the film. And guess what, the movie is PG-13 a true one. Many times in today’s movies it feels like the rating of PG-13 is an enigma that has no definition. Some R movies are actually PG-13 and vis versa, but it is safe to say that the movie is PG-13.imgres-49

My Opinion: 

This movie was a joy to watch and hilarious. There is a little bit for everyone to find funny. I sat with a diverse pool of people both young and old around me and all of them were laughing at some point or another. With everything I have said above I think Central Intelligence is a 10/10 and gets my glowing seal of approval as a must watch.

This has been Alex Hummel from Watts Up Reviews signing off and remember GOLDEN JET! GOLDEN JET!

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