Alice Through the Looking Glass

     This movie is a follow up to Tim Burton’s 2010 Alice in Wonderland starring big names such as Johnny Depp, Helen Bonham Carter and Anne Hathaway. All those actors have returned for the follow up as well as Mia Waskiaowski as Alice and Sasha Baron Cohen as Time. Six years after the first movie this movie is meant to pick up several years after Alice’s last adventure in Wonderland. This time returning to help out one of her closest friends the Mad Hatter. images-18

     We start the movie with ship at sea being attacked by pirates. As the crew struggles to find a way to get past the pirates they quickly realize the best thing to do would be to surrender and give up the ship. When they turn to the ship’s Captain for approval we see Alice, the captain of the ship but not just any ship but her father’s ship, Wonder. Alice quickly comes up with a plan that may see impossible to most but for Alice its just another day. Wonder has been at sea for a few years and is finally finding its way back to port to check in with the company and give her findings. Upon coming into port she sees her mother who was beginning to wonder if Alice was even still alive. Wanting to get right to work and head to sea again Alice asks to go see Mr. Askot. Her mother informs her that Mr. Askot passed about a year ago and Hamish is now in charge of the company. Not only is her not the owner of the company is also married and has a young child. This does nothing to break Alice’s mood and she is ready to head over and update Hamish and the board on her voyage. Against her mother’s better judgment she does. Things quickly go wrong with Hamish obviously holding a grudge against Alice for publicly declining his proposal for marriage and he makes things very difficult for her. When she goes to have a moment to think and work through her latest dilemma she hears a very familiar voice, the voice of Absolem (the Caterpillar) telling her she is needed back in Wonderland. imgres-27

     Alice of course doesn’t waste anytime and learns that Through the looking glass she can enter Wonderland again. She falls into a meeting of almost all of her closest friends who are quite concerned. Their good friend the Mad Hatter has fallen upon hard times. He is no longer his self and they fear Alice is the only one who can help bring him back to his old self. Alice immediately heads to the Hatter’s house and at first things seem just like always but they quickly go in a completely different direction. Alice is escorted out of the Hatter’s house and she returns to her friends with an update. She fears the Mad Hatter will die if she doesn’t help him locate his family. The problem is they are all very sure that his family died years ago. Mirana, the white queen, has only one solution. The only way to help him would be to go back in time talk to Time and fix the past. Alice of course is up for the job and quickly heads into the clock to meet Time and fix the Mad Hatter and find his family. Unfortunately things aren’t that easy and once the Alice is able to find the ability to go back in time she learns that you cannot always change the past but it’s better to fix the present to change the future. imgres-28

Alice Through the Looking Glass is a good movie. It does have a moment or two where things are a little slow but overall I enjoyed the movie. To me this really felt like an origins movie. Showing the Mad Hatter, White Queen and the Queen of Hearts and the rest of the Alice in Wonderland cast as kids. I thought this was fun to see. I give the movie at B overall. With all the rain in the forecast for the weekend I would take the time to go and see this flick.

Tiffany Watts

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