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This is the second Music based flick that opens this week.  This one is more 80’s european style music.  The one thing this and Green Room has in common, is the Director also wrote the film.  Once Writer/Director John Carney brings us a great love story about a Boy who starts a band to win a Girl. imgres-13

Coner (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo), is a 14 year old boy who is growing up in 1985 Dublin where many people have been struck with hard times.  These hard times have made Conor’s parents put him in another school that is run by the Christian Brothers.  The hard times have also helped separate his parents, who argue all the time.imgres-14

The new school comes with some problems.  Conor is bullied, not only from some students, but also the main principle.  He does make friends with Darren (Ben Carolan), who becomes a key friend in this story.  He meets Raphia (Lucy Boynton) who lives across the street from the boys school and who catches Conor’s eye and has him tell her he is in a band and needs her to be in a video with him.  Enter Darren and what other friends he knows that not only have musical talent, but become close friends. Eamon (Mark McKenna), Ngig (Percy Chamburuka), Larry (Conor Hamilton), Gary (Karl Rice), are who all make up the band.  What is more impressive is how these actors including Ferdia are in their first flick and the are all amazing.  This is because of their talent, but also the writing and directing of Carney.  images copy

Conor is why out of his league Raphinia is an older girl who has a boyfriend that drives, but Conor has his brother Brenden (Jack Reynor).  Brendan is the older brother that has Conor listen to the up and coming music of the time Duran Duran, The Cure, Ah Ha, all these groups help Conor and his bandmates come up with songs that speak for what is going on in their world.  Conor writes most of the songs about Raphinia is won over by him.  images-6

These original songs were really written by Carney and Gary Clark.  I think They have a chance on wining best original song in next years academy.  I loved the story, the music, and so will you if you grew up in the 80’s.  Rayner plays the stoner who is a college drop out, but a leader for his little brother like a pro.  images-7

This is a love story, and I usually stray away from these flicks, but Sing Street is much more than that, and I grade Sing Street an A.  I really liked this flick and you will as well.  I think this is a great date flick females and males alike will enjoy this movie.

Brad Watts

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