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While I love Key & Peele on the Comedy Central four seasons of the sketch shows that brought at least me lots of laughs, I wasn’t sure if They could bring this comedy to the big screen.  Yes we have the two main stars Jordan Peele, and Keegan – Michael Key.  Key plays a nerd who happens to be a Dad named Clarence Goobril, while Peele is a dope smoking, photo taking, recently single man named Rell Williams. We also have Method Man playing Cheddar the main man in the drug trade.  Cheddar has stolen Keanu a very cute Kitten.  imgres-16

What is funny is the way Key and Peele act when they are trying to get into the gang and drug trade so they can get Keanu back.  Clarence calls himself Shark Tank who is going to join a bunch of drug dealers together to maximize their profits.  Rell and his assistant named Hi-C (Tiffany Haddish) is out to make a drug delivery to a famous Hollywood Star.  (I won’t give anything away).  This sale turns violent, and we see Clarence rocking to George Michael with some of his new gangster friends.  images-9

The comedy is dumb, yes, but the sketch comedy show is dumb as well., yet it is entertaining.  I did not go into this movie to see a flick that had a good story line, or great acting.  I went to laugh, and laugh I did.  Plus the kitten is cute as well.  Most of the punch lines are about how Clearance and Rell are way out of their league trying to be in the gangs.  imgres-17

I enjoyed this dumb comedy for what it is.  I laughed, and enjoyed seeing Key & Peele on the screen.  I hope this opens the door for some more flicks with their creative style.  I grade Keanu a B, not an A but close I really think you will like this comedy as long as you like the show.  

Tiffany Watts

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