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This is the first Music based Flick that I saw this week, both completely different style of music and different style of movie.  Green Room follows a Punk Band, Punk is a style of music that people has been wondering what is the definition of Punk.  Punk would be a style of music where the band plays very loud and not necessarily well, with their own style of dress that probably hasn’t been washed in 3 weeks.  The words of the songs might mean something, but you can’t understand what they are screaming.  Where I don’t really care for Punk music, Green Room the movie is a great Horror flick. images-5

Blue Ruin writer/directer Jeremy Saulnier brings us another perfectly written and directed hour flick.  We start the movie with how the Band struggles to get across the country to go from Gig to gig.  The name of the Punk band is Ain’t Rights.  They have to siphon gas, play a bowling alley, and end up at a club run by White Supremacist group.imgres-10

Pat (Anton Yeltsin), Reece (Joe Cole), Tiger (Callum Turner), and Sam (Alia Shawkat) all get along, we have no struggle in the group itself.  The struggle comes when after the gig in the middle of nowhere for White Supremacists, they witness something they shouldn’t have.  I am not going to give anything away because you need to see this flick if you like Survival Horror.  Z

They end up being trapped in the Green Room with a new friend Amber (Imogen Potts).  Amber is a friend of a girl who has died, again not going to tell you how, or who you need to see the flick.  They are all told they are locked in the Green Room to protect them, but they soon realize that is not the case.  imgres-11

Darcy (Patrick Stewart) the leader of the Supremacist group, and owner of the club wants to set up a scene where the Punk band has all died, because what they had witnessed.  What I love the most about Stewart being a bad guy, is his delivery of the lines.  Darcy also doesn’t want anyone shot because of how he wants to stage the scene, so he orders his followers to let the dogs loose and use Blades to kill and slice the Punk group up.images-4

I loved watching Poots and Yeltsin not only act off each other, but how they played their parts, and planned the escape.  Saulnier brings us another great written flick, and I only think he could direct this flick.  I grade this flick a B+ if you like gore, and horror you will really enjoy what Saulnier brings us on the screen. 

Brad Watts

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