This flick is just a complete confusing mess.  This is a prequel and a sequel, how can that be, well all I have to say is it is not well done at all.  We have Queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron) back snow white is not back from the last flick which is a plus because snow white was Kristen Stewart.  Also back is Eric the Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth), joining new comers Sara Huntsman (Jessica Chasten) and Queen Freya (Emily Blunt).imgres-7

You would think with this cast we would have an amazing movie, well you think wrong. We start before the Snow White story we have seen and see Ravenna take over another kingdom and kills of the Royal King whom she had married.  Freya is there, but doesn’t have evil in her like her sister does, and even becomes pregnant.  

A very big tragedy turns Freya Cold, and can freeze things with a touch.  Think Elsa, but a little more of a twist where Freya is taking children from nearby villages and training them to be great warriors absent of feeling love.  images-3

Of Course two of these children warriors become Sara and Eric.  Freya punishes Eric and Sara because they fall for each other.  They get punished in different ways, but punished.  We see 7 years have passed after the punishments when Ravenna has been beaten and killed by Snow White.  imgres-5

With Ravenna dead and gone the magic mirror is what Freya is after, but everyone else knows if Freya gets her hands on the mirror the kingdom would suffer.  Eric is called upon because he is a great tracker and he is joined by four dwarfs.  Nion (Nick Frost), Gryff (Rob Brydon), Mrs. Bronwyn (Sheridan Smith) and Doreen (Alexandra Roach).  The back and fourth between the dwarf is the highlight of the movie.  Without the it would be complete trash.  imgres-6

There are a few surprises, but not anything you can’t really see coming.  I think First time Director Cedric Nicolas-Trojan, was way over his head trying to direct this flick.  There isn’t really an ending, but more like a we will see you soon in another sequel, or prequel or mess like this flick is.  I grade the flick a D+ wait and see it at home if you must see it at all.  

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