CRIMINAL – review


This film is packed with big names.  Tommy Lee Jones, Kevin Costner, Gary Oldman and Ryan Reynolds.  As well as some new faces like Gal Gadot  and Antje Traue.  The movie hasn’t had much press.  The airwaves have not been filled with the previews as “The Jungle Book”.   Could this be a sign of things to come?   I had great hopes for this movie going in.  imgres-1

Let’s start with the basic plot.  Bill Pope (Ryan Reynolds) is an FBI agent that is killed while on assignment to save the world from a terrorist plot. Quaker Wells (Gary Oldman) is the FBI agent that contacts Dr. Franks (Tommy Lee Jones) who is a neurologist.  Dr. Frank’s main research is into sharing brain waves between mice.  He can implant the thoughts from mice that run a maze into other mice who have never seen the maze and they can complete it with no problems and as fast as the “brain donor” mice.  So basically he is transferring the thoughts and memories from one brain to another.  It had never been tested in humans. The FBI has kept Bill Pope’s brain alive in order for Dr. Frank to transfer the thoughts of Bill Pope to someone else in order to stop the terrorists.  The person to receive the “memories” of Bill Pope will be Jericho Stewart (Kevin Costner), who as a child, had trauma to his brain that has left it as the best candidate to receive the new “memories”.   The twist is that Jericho is the bad of the bad when it comes to criminals.  imgres

The story line has its twists and turns. It tries to pull at your heart strings by using Bill Pope’s young daughter to see the good in Jericho.  We see cars speeding through the towns and people being kidnapped and killed all to get to the secrets.  

I did not like this movie. I thought the plot was shallowly contrived. Between the FBI trying to kill Jericho and the Dr. Frank trying to save him, I was almost comical.  There was too much gratuitous violence and not enough character development or story.  They kill off Ryan Reynolds in the first few scenes, which was disappointing. 

I would not see this film in the theatre.  I can’t even recommend seeing this movie as a rental. If you’re sitting around the house and you can DVR it off HBO or Encore, it may be worth a look. I’m most disappointed that they had all these big stars and the character that gets the most screen time is the badly portrayed mentally ill criminal Jericho Stewart. 

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