Barbershop: The Next Cut – review

Barbershop: The Next Cut

BarberShop: The Next Cut is the third movie in the Barbershop franchise starring big names such as Ice Cube, Cedric the Entertainer, Eve, Common and Nicki Minaj. I’ve seen all the movies and the spins off’s from this movie like Beauty Shop.   I’m telling you all this to show that I was indeed a fan of this franchise. “Was” being the keyword to that sentence. With that being said let me also say I am not a political person. I don’t get involved in political conversations, I don’t shove my opinion down your throat when I feel strongly about things. Although, there are things I feel strongly about. I just don’t feel like it’s necessary to post them continuously on Facebook or any Social Media really. But I do respect others and their opinion and choice to do so. I don’t make comments or start arguments with them because it’s something I dislike or have strong feeling against. My reasoning for this is simple; it’s your right as an American Citizen to have those opinions and voice them. 

So now I’ll get on with my opinion of this “movie”. imgres-4

The movie starts out showing Calvin, played by Ice Cube, raising his family in Chicago. Showing footage of him, his wife and children growing up there. Using actual footage of events and moments in time both good and bad throughout Chicago. This footage goes all the way to current day including the Presidential Campaign of President Barack Obama and the current violence taking place there in the past year as well. Times have gotten hard for the neighborhood the Barbershop is in and people are getting robbed at gunpoint and gangs are running the streets. Of course Calvin is the first person there to open the Barber Shop when in walks or runs Eddie, played by Cedric the Entertainer. Eddie is yelling at the gang of young kids down the street but decides there may be a few to many for him to handle so he runs for cover to the Barber Shop where he hopes Calvin can help.  Calvin tells Eddie to retreat to the back where they can take cover, Eddie wants Calvin to “get the heat” so they can protect themselves. When Calvin reminds Eddie there are no guns in the Barber Shop Eddie decides he can talk them down. As the knocking or banging on the door continues Calvin gets a weapon (a piece of pipe) but before he can rescue Eddie he sees that Eddie has already gone out to the front. Calvin runs through the back door with his pipe yelling “Black Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter” only to find Eddie was just messing with him and it’s a delivery guy at the front door bringing him a sandwich. Calvin doesn’t find this funny at all. imgres-3

From there the rest of the guys and girls start coming into work to open shop. Since times are so hard now both the Beauty and Barber Shop share the same space. Making for a few, very few, funny situations where the guys opinion of something and the girls are completely different. Calvin’s best friend Rashad, played by Common, also has a spot at the shop as well as his wife Terri, played by Eve. Rashad’s son from a previous marriage is now best friends with Cavin’s son. The boys who are now middle school to high school age are facing problems as well. Being pressured by peers with gangs and drugs or to do the right thing and stay in school and work for what the earn like Calvin and most of the men of the shop are trying to teach them. With the neighborhood facing all the problems now the Mayor of the city has come up with proposal to put a fence up around the neighborhood and move traffic making only one way in and one way out of the neighborhood. When the Mayor’s assistant Jimmy, played by Sean Patrick Thomas, Stops in to talk to the guys and girls about this things become a little intense….

I would like to tell you I could finish this movie and tell you how great it is.. Unfortunately I can’t because after a little under an hour of very little comedy or even some enjoyable commentary between the guys I WALKED OUT of the movie. The conversation that takes place when the mayor’s assistant comes in goes from Barber Shop the Comedy to a “Black Lives Matter” Campaign. To be quite honest with you that is how this movie felt from 5 minutes in and it just continued getting more and more intense. I understand they want to make a point to set the mood for the movie but this goes way beyond that. I felt a little uncomfortable but mostly ANGER. Why you ask..?  Because they went to far, way to far. They took a movie and a franchise and ruined it over something way more political and in my opinion ridiculous than anything they have ever said in any BarberShop movie. ALL LIVES MATTER, I’ll say again, EVERY SINGLE PERSON’S LIFE MATTERS. It doesn’t matter what color you are we all matter. If things are intense or difficult you unite together and make a difference. Change something for the better because everyone matters, don’t set out one race or another and make it matter more, we all matter and if we could take a minute to do that we might just make the difference everyone is looking for. Just like the speech given by Raja in the movie, played by Utkarsh Ambudkar, America gives you the opportunity to make something of yourself. But YOU have to make that difference happen it’s not just given to you. 

So in conclusion I give this movie an F. Please keep in mind that I only watched 1 hour of this movie but I wouldn’t recommend it to a single person. For me it took away what movies are supposed to do, and if a movie is labeled a Comedy, as this movie is, then I would expect some comedy and not an intense political campaign on how one person’s life is more important than another. If I wanted that I would have trolled on Facebook all night instead…

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