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Melissa McCarthy is one of the funny women of comedy in our time, she can make us laugh just the way she holds herself, walks, talks, prank falls, delivers funny lines, and so on.  So, you wouldn’t think there would be a movie with her as the comedic lead that would not be good, well you are wrong.  

Yes, I did laugh a few times, and I don’t blame McCarthy, but more her husband Ben Falcone who was a writer along with McCarthy, and also Director of this flick.  There is not good material in this movie, and the editing was terrible.  I explain the way I felt watching it is like watching it was like watching 120 somewhat good SNL skits all put together in a bad way.  boss1

Michelle Darnell (McCarthy) is the 47th wealthiest women in America and a lifestyle guru who is all about herself.  She has a ton of ego which ends up getting her arrested for SEC insider trading.  While in prison her fortune crumbles to nothing and the only person she has to help her is Claire (Kristen Bell) her ex assistant.  boss4

While staying with Claire, Michelle takes Claire’s daughter to a Dandelion meeting where she comes up with the idea to start her own group and sell Claire’s secrete family brownie recipe. This starts to work, and they are making a lot of money when Michelle thinks she is getting too close with Claire and her daughter, and sells the company to her ex Ronald (Peter Dinklage).boss3

This is the main plot of the flick, and the dialogue isn’t much better.  The acting is sub pare, because they have no character building in the script.  This is rated R for a reason that the flick doesn’t really need to include in the movie lots of sexual innuendoes and cursing.  I would not recommend this for anyone under the age of 16, wait I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone.  

I grade The Boss an F.  I hated this flick, the writing, directing, acting, everything about this movie is bad.  The worst part of the movie is Editing, I don’t know who was the editor, but please don’t ever edit anything ever again.  


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  1. Kathy Lowery says:

    Thanks Bradfor the heads up! I had also heard that this was the worse movie she had made!
    You saved me money on this movie!

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