Richard Linklater has brought us some great films one of his earlier flicks was the cult classic Dazed and Confused that was based off Linklater’s life in the 70’s and produced by the late Jim Jacks. The one thing we learn about Linklater from Dazed is not only is he a great Director, but also a great story teller, and can he sure cast some new talent that ended up becoming stars. I was beyond excited to see Everybody Wants Some to see if Linklater brings us the same talent and story telling from Dazed.everybody4

While this isn’t a sequel to Dazed it sure has the feeling which is a great start, if you like Dazed, and if you didn’t, stop reading this review and leave my site please. Our main character in Everybody is Jake (Blake Jenner) we meet him as he is arriving for his freshman year in a small Texas College. The year is 1980 and he arrives a few days early to meet not only his housemates, but his teammates as well being he is on the baseball team. We learn that the house is not only off campus, but has two rules the coach gives them, no girls upstairs, and no alcohol, we all know that is not going to happen.everybody2

Jake is learning how to live away from home, in an all male house hold and also how to be one with his teammates and where he stands in the hierarchy of the house and Team. He learns really quickly when he meets Roper (Ryan Guzman) and McReynolds (Tyler Hoechlin) first they both wipe their hands and say they don’t like pitchers.everybody5

Each teammate has different qualities that you can tell all came from part of Linklater, either himself, or teammates he played baseball with in college at Sam Houston State, except for Jay Niles (Juston Street), you will have to see the flick to see why. One of the best characters is Finnegan (Glen Powell) every time he talks the theater listens and usually laughs. Willoughby (Wyatt Russell) is the California surfer type, marijuana chill character. Roper, and McReynolds are your typical jocks of the team, who don’t like to loose ever.everybody6

While most of the team only thinks about baseball, girls, and getting drunk or high, Jake is a little more smarter and end’s up falling for a drama student Beverly (Zoey Deutch). The last third of the flick shows the budding romance between the two. The first part of the flick we see the team party and go through all music genres of 1980 starting with hip hop, followed by Disco, Country, and ending with Punk. Linklater does an amazing job depicting 1980 as he did the 70’s without judging the music or clothing.everybody3

I think all of these actors will become stars, just like most did in Dazed. We also get to see I would say we get to see the follow up to two of Linklater’s flicks. One being Boyhood we kinda of see what might have happened to Mason after High school, and of course Dazed. I went and saw Everybody twice so far, and can not wait to see it a third time. I have liked everything Linklater has done including his first flick Slacker, which inspired my other favorite writer Director Kevin Smith, who also had the producer Jim Jacks. I grade this flick an A in baseball terms Linklater hits a Home run on this Comedy.

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