Round table interview with Everybody Wants Some ! stars Tyler Hoechlin, Ryan Guzman, and Blake Jenner. 

I was lucky enough to be able to attend a roundtable interview session this week with three of the stars of the upcoming movie Everybody Wants Some !  I will tell you I have seen the flick twice and loved it the first time, but loved it even more the second time around.  These three will become stars in the near future with all of them not only acting, but also writing and directing.  So read the interview below, but more importantly go out and see Everybody Wants Some ! today you will thank me when you leave laughing, and having the urge to see the movie again.

We ell know you from other works, this movie is a departure from the other movies you have done.  How did you prepare to play these characters from the 80’s

Tyler – What helped the most is how much everything changes, and how much they stay the same.  A Bunch of guys all hanging out all becoming part of a Team isn’t really different.  Looks might be different, views might be different, maybe not as many high fives those are the details.  The attitude of the guys I think we watched a documentary called No No about Doc Ellis Baseball was still the same then in some ways, but different in others.  Today it is more polished playing for endorsements back then it was a little dirtier wasn’t quite as PC, but all in all the same game.  The hair styles and wardrobe was different, but it was still a bunch of guys getting to know each other.

What was it like working with Richard Linklater?

Blake – It was very eye opening and  surreal to work with someone with his caliber.  He was chill as a director really about collaboration when it came to the script process, really jaw opening.

Ryan-  It was inspiring and creative learning from him.  We are all wanting to write and direct.  It was amazing how cohesive everything was and he was there for everybody he would change things on a dime for us, that kind of trust you don’t typically get that from directors.  It was a beautiful thing because it made everyone feel at ease and dive in deeper to be a better actor

Did the let you improv at all?

Tyler –  Sometimes, not alot, and it wasn’t the idea to begin with, it wasn’t structured.  He would do a couple takes with the way we prepared it, and sometimes you would get a take where things would kinda pop in.

Ryan – (Waving his finger) – Except for one person – Juston – He got to do more, No one expected him to be doing martial arts on the baseball field, that’s for sure.

Two of you are writers though right ?

Answered at same by all three –  We actually all are.

What was your favorite scene to film?

Ryan – It didn’t make it. (Laughing)

Blake –  I was watching a clip of it as it just came out, you know that slow motion scene in the Sound Machine, I really liked that, there was constant pea cocking going on while shooting.

Did you all play baseball before this film?

Ryan – I don’t know if you could tell, but I the first guy in the scene running in the outfield, sliding and catching the ball.  I was an outfielder in high school, but I played a pitcher in college and was really successful.  It was great to get back on the field act like an idiot and get paid for it.

Not to give too much away from the movie but how fun was filming the freshman prank on the field?

Blake- It was really fun. (Sarcastic tone) It was more fun for them.  We didn’t know it was going to be so mapped out before we got there.

Ryan-  We didn’t know, and Temple who plays Plummer was upside down and actually passed out right?

Tyler – (Laughing) Almost

Being a Freshman in college how much of this film was relatable to your own experience in college playing your character in the film?

Blake- I didn’t really have a college experience, it was awesome to finally fill that void and be with these guys both on and off set.

Ryan- I can relate.  I remember going into college thinking I didn’t really have to search for a group, I got one, the baseball team.  Even though most of them were assholes (all of us laughed)  You dumb into those guys I had those guys when I first came in and trust me they did a lot worse , but it was one of those things were you got to live part of your life over again making this film.

Tyler- For me it was the relationships, the constant jabbing and stuff, those dynamics in relationships being able to live it over again that was the experience closest to college.  

What do you think the fans of Dazed and Confused are going to think about this film?

Ryan- First of all someone in the media made the coalition to Dazed and Confused, and it stuck.  I think it has it’s own entity, we focus on the freedoms you have in college.  When Richard talks about Dazed he talks about succumbing to other peoples will being chased around … This is the opposite to that you know.  It’s its own movie.

Tyler- The thing that strikes me that is similar in both of these films is it is really a window in into this world, its not beating you over the head with anything.  It’s just a slice of life that you remember not having the restraints of authority and have the opportunity to become your own person.  It’s the same tone and the same feel.  They are both inspired by Rick’s life, but we really never tried to emulate anything from the previous film, or try to live up to it.   We never discussed Dazed much at all unless Rick made a reference to it.

Blake- I think the only thing that you can transfer from both movies is it’s timeless aspect of both films.  Style changes, music changes, fads change, but growing up and finding your niche in the world , and finding out who you are,having a good time and experiencing it is really the correlation between the two.

Did Rick ever share with you who Rick was in the film Blake I assume it was you.

Blake- There is actually a sprinkle of Rick in everyone in this film.

Ryan-  Except for Beuter and Jay Niles too.  (brought laughs to all of us)

When casting, did you guys get the parts you really wanted?

Tyler-  I don’t know if we knew who the characters really were, they had different names.

Ryan- They had different names when we auditioned.  We had to try out for three different characters, none where Roper who I wanted to play so I took those three characters and auditioned as Roper, those characters got joined to be Roper.

Blake- He cheated the system.

Hoechlin- I remember when I got the call that I got the job I said that’s Amazing.  I called them back a few weeks later I know I am leaving for the set soon un what part did I get?

Your three characters are crazy personalities in a house full of crazier personalities… I want to know what the camaraderie was like when the camera stopped?

Ryan-  There was constant competition, to grow as an actor, grow as a person, just have fun, enjoy the moment.  It was the best adult camp ever.

Blake I think the one challenge for everyone, was not focusing on the clock, because no one wanted it to end.  Everybody kept showing up for scenes they weren’t even in… Everybody showed up for the last scene and just cheered us on, which was odd because it really wan’t a scene to cheer about.

Have you guys shown the film to your parents?  Have they confirmed that a lot of the film is accurate for the time?

Blake- My dad is a very stoic guy in the world, super serious, but seeing him come and knowing that he was a freshman basketball player in college the same year as we are playing in this film, and seeing him grin from ear to ear was incredible.  That is the thing him and I will have to linger on in conversation later…

Ryan-  I brought my cousins and one of my close friends to the screening an after the movie they said — Which one were you?  Were you the one slicing those balls (Laughing)

This was a great time and you can tell the guys not only had fun in the interview, but also filming this great movie together.  You all need to go see it this weekend, you will enjoy EVERYBODY WANTS SOME!!!

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