Zack Snyder is back as the Director for a Superman flick, he last directed Man of Steel which some people liked and some didn’t. I personally enjoyed Man of Steel, and couldn’t wait to see what Zack had in store for Man of Steel two.  Well, Man of Steel two turned into Batman vs Superman, which shortly turned into into Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.  The main problem I might say I had with Batman vs. Superman is that they tried to put too much into this flick.  bat8bat

After Man of Steel lots of people had a problem with how many innocent people were killed during the final battle scene with Superman (Henry Cavill) vs General Zod (Michael Shannon) who are both back in one way or another in this flick.  I am not going to give anything away through out this review so yes, Zod is back, but I will not tell you in what way.  bat6

This Final Battle scene is where this flick starts out, we see Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) rushing to his building in the middle of downtown, that is in peril and trying to save his employees.  This is where the questions start not just with Bruce Wayne on how safe is Superman, but also some of the Human race one being a senator (Holly Hunter).  She has started a house committee to look into seeing if Superman is safe for our world.  

Bruce Wayne aka Batman starts his on investigation on what might stop the Man of Steel if he needs to be stopped, but is a little behind Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) who has already figured out that kryptonite is what will stop not only Superman, but also all from his home planet.  bat7

The whole time Batman is investigating Superman, we have Clark Kent trying to get the Daily Planet to get negative press on the Bat from Gotham.  We also have Lois Lane (Amy Adams) back who is Clark aka Superman’s girlfriend also trying to help Clark as well as investigating a strange bullet that has come up.  (Again not giving stuff away)  We have a lot of Superman saving people, but not too much, which to me is nice, we have more story and the development of story that will lead us to the next couple of DC flicks not including Suicide Squad which I think might end up being the best comic book flick of the year we shall see.  bat3

So while the Bat has Alfred (Jeremy Irons) who helps him with all the gadgets and support staff, he also has a new partner he isn’t sure about a women who takes something he needs, but gives it back played by Gal Gadot.  The fight scenes with Batman are amazing, they use all his gadgets to the extreme which we kind of missed in the Dark Knight trilogy.  bat4

With my review looking all crammed with stuff just think what the flick is like.  As I said in the opening Paragraph this flick tries to do too much, I think it is so DC can play catch up with Marvel.  Ben though really shows all the Fan Boys the Middle finger and plays an amazing Older Dark Knight, and I for one can not wait to see more of him as the Batman.  He goes above and beyond and brings to screen the Batman we have been waiting for.  bat5

Henry is again ok as Superman, not amazing but does the part well, I think he could be better I have seen him play better roles, but he does well.  Amy is ok, but again I don’t think Lane is a role for her, and Gal is great as the small part of Wonder Women we see.   

The one besides Ben that makes the flick is Jesse he is great as Luthor he is amazing.  Plays it smart and crazy, really enjoyed his luthor almost as Gene Hackman in the original 1980’s flicks I grew up with.  What brings the flick down is Snyder using his slow motion way too much, and I think he uses explosions almost as much as a Bay flick.  Get ready to see more of that because we will soon have Justice league, and remember Wonder Women comes out next year. bat2

I grade Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice a B -.  I will tell you to go see it in the theater, is it as much fun as Deadpool, no, is it as fast moving as Avenger flicks, again no.  Did I enjoy the 2 hours and 40 minutes of the flick, yes for the most part, again I think they had too much crammed into one flick, but I loved Ben as the Bat and Jesse as Luthor, I can’t wait to see more of them in upcoming flicks.

Brad Watts

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